By:Andrew Troy Keller

I had performed for nine years
At a local comedy club and got all the cheers.
But that was before one Tuesday,
When a fellow comic named Mandy
Rogers had done something that'll haunt the club for years.

After I had done my stand-up bit,
I was supposed to tell Mandy that it
Was her turn to go on.
But after I had seen a guy named Don
Sneaking out of her dressing room,it
Had dawned on me that something was wrong.

After I had stepped into her dressing room,
There was an overwhelming sense of doom,
For I had found that poor Mandy had over-
Dozed on pure crack cocaine,causing her
To die within minutes.After that,the spectre of gloom
Had appeared all over the club.

And then,the cops had came to the club.
After I had answered their questions,I had gone to a local pub,
Where I had tried to drown my sorrows in a glass of beer
And tried to forget the sight that the phantom of fear
Had produced by giving Mandy the overdoze back at the club.

But then,while there was a pool game going on
In the back room,Mandy's drug guy,the one known as Don
Had walked into the bar,sat down and ordered
A glass of Jack Daniels to celebrate what he had done to her
And kept on calling her a whore.That was when I had attacked Don.

But after he was able to overpower me,
Don had looked at me with such devilish glee,
Pulled out his gun and aimed it at my face.
But just as he was about to fire,the look on his face
Had changed into what fear should be.

I had turned around
And I had found
Out what it was that he
Was afraid of,for I had also seen
A ghostly form of one who was now one with the ground.

It was the ghost of Mandy and the look on her
Face had no visible hint of laughter.
Instead,the look on her face is one that would make one quence,
For she was now being known as a spirit of vengence.
And Don had ran away after looking at her.

But no matter where he had ran,Mandy's vengeful spirit
Had appeared,causing him to do a mad-dash to get away from it.
But yet,no matter where he had ran to,Don had no choice,but to see
Mandy's spirit appear in front of him with a devilish glee
On her lips,for he was about to recieve punishment from the spirit.

As soon as I had heard the scream,I had ran outside to discover
Don's body,which was lifeless after
He had encountered a phantom known as the spirit
Of vengence and saw the fear that came out of it.

A few weeks later,
I had visited her
Grave and said 'goodbye' to her.

After the visit,I had left for Baltimore,
Where I was able to perform at comedy clubs and more.

And each and every single day,
I had to remember about poor Mandy
And what would happen if she
Were alive today to be
My comedy partner on this very day.