The Master

Crashing glass dances across the rose-wood floor
And I hit with a swift thud and loud snap
Looming over me like a demonic Master of Life
He screams louder, crashing into my head like a bullet
Blood streams down my arms and I sink into the shadows
Fear runs through my veins like acid
And he reaches to the sky again and brings down a swift hand
Tears in small oceans over me and I force a weak cry
But he won't stop now
Not after he's been doing this after so long
I scramble across the floor
Glass shards dig deeper and deeper into my velvet flesh
The shimmer of the knife glistens in the faint light from the street lights
He breaks my flesh once again with a swift and bitter hand
And I scream...eyes a blaze and burning
I take the knife and slit his throat
The Masters end has fallen upon him
And may the wings of the bitterest angels guide him to his eternal hell