Changing within a day that will live in infamy

A day that lives far beyond death

Where all is clear to the naked eye

As well as that of the blind

A ray of light will stretch to its brink

A destructive glance can make or break you

Tearing away all the tyranny

While tears of blood erode the sorrow

All the pain has been enveloped by the innocent

Taking upon all the pain

With nothing to gain

What a self sacrifice

A prince of darkness or spirit of light

In a hole that holds nothing

To a place far beyond somewhere but closer than no where

A time and place where things are as they seem

Just that what they seem are not what they are

A day of reckoning for all those un faithful

A day of rejoicing for those who have died

For they will finally get their second wind

Wind that will fill the sails of these ancient ships

And carry them to the far of lands of perfection

To burden the fears of all who worry

Wandering the paths that have been forgotten

Where the ignorant are free

And the free are now ignorant

Making mistakes that will be in our future

For people never learn