For the last time I'll be kind to you. For the last time I'll tolerate your fluctuating moods, I've put up with it long enough. I've put up with you long enough. For the longest time I thought you were unlike everyone else I was friends with. But the others saw you for what you really were before me. I was stupid, blinded by that unnatural kindness you put out. Well no longer, I'm happy I see you for what you are now. I'm glad everyone else has as well.

I know I wasn't the only one fooled by you, and you knew it too. Now, I hope you know, everyone knows the real you. This was your own doings, I hope you enjoy the outcome, I know I will. My eyes will be full of delight watching you spiral down into nothingness.

I'm sure your time in the spotlight was wonderful, but all things wonderful must come to an end. Finally the day I've waited for, yours is here. I will watch you fall, and I promise you this, I will laugh.

I knew you weren't perfect, as everyone had called you, in fact you were far from it. You can hide behind as much makeup as you like, but I still see the real you, the ugliness you hide.