A day in the life of a Billybob...ahhh...there is nothing more scary then that, I can tell you. The first thing he does in the morning, is, by surprise, not get out of the bed all chipper and nice, but he rolls over, and slams the alarm clock off the nightstand. Even though this is an effective way to shut the alarm clock off, there is always the daily repair of forty-five dollars and fifty-five cents. After he finally gets out of bed, he looks over at the clock on the wall and screams. It's almost time for work, and Billybob hasn't even gotten a shower yet. So, he rushes out of bed as fast as he can, and then leaps into the shower and takes one, freezing cold. After his naval shower, he throws some clothes on, quickly brushes his teeth and races out the door with a cup of coffee in one hand and a pair of pants in the other. He races as fast as his short, stubby legs can carry him out to the bus stop, and is mortified when the bus has already left. So, for the nineteenth day in a row, he has to hoof to his job in the local movie theater. He runs as fast as he can, but then, after about five seconds, he is so tired that he collapses on the pavement, ad is rushed to the hospital. The doctor, amazed by his vast amount of blubber, gives him emergency liposuction, and he loses and he loses an astonishing 745 lbs. Fit, trim, and feeling refreshed, he is released from the hospital an hour later. As he continues walking, however, he sees a kindly, old lady trying to cross the street. Billybob, being the good Samaritan that he is, makes an attempt to help her cross the street. He's beaten into unconsciousness with her vitamin bag. After his second hospital stay for the day, Billybob is determined not to let anything else happen to him so he can at least get to work before the work day is over...but...there is such a lovely smell coming form the restaurant near by, that he has to sit down and have a bite to eat. Actually, a bite to eat is an under exaggeration. He ate four steaks, ten sides of fries, twenty milkshakes, and got his picture taken for the Guinness book of world records for the most food eaten in a sitting. So, as you can see, by the time that Billybob got to work, it was four o' clock, and the workday was over, and his boss was fuming, and fired poor Billybob. So, you can see why this is Billybob's nineteenth job in as many days.