A Good Christians Closet Is Always Clean

Trite screams echo the Halls of Mercy
Painted Glass windows shatter and the Silence is broken
Christ's eyes burn a bitter hole into the heart of any sinner
Believe in your Goddamn lie, you must before you can be Recieved
Offer your sacrafice to the Gods and Demons of Hell
Because the Gates of Heaven are closed to you now
Answer the calls of your Lord and accept his grant
A good Christians closet is always clean

Like an Angel of Light you're wings are swiftly drenched in blood
You will give in and forget what is forsaken
Hide behind the Mask of Deception now to save your pathetic life
Never able to end the blood lust and screwing every female you know
Cut your Pride and watch it bleed to death
Grasp the silver bullets that yousend towards the Pastor's head
Try and believe that you're not to blame
But it's still the crucifix in your home and the corpse of Jesus in your closet
A good Christians closet is always clean

Crawl into the back of your tainted mind
And beg for the mercy that you have no right to
Seek and search for the answers to the questions that riddle you everyday
And ask the unasked questions that are more forsaken then the death of Christ
Where was God when you needed a friend...and where was God when you lost your mind
Drive deeper now into the Darkness that is consuming your tainted soul
Offer your sacrafice of Life to me now and I shall send the acidic saints
A good Christians closet is always clean

At the Alter you beg for a chance to be Recieved
But the Preist offers nothing but a vague promise to see what you can have
But in the end you know that your soul is forever damned
And as the realization of this closes in the Preist meets his end
And now that it's all done you can crawl back home
And clean out your God forsaken closet
For a good Christians closet is always clean