Conversing through blinking telephone lights
By: ShinigamiForever

Back symbolizes past because
sometimes I'm too lazy to think of fancy symbolism
with all the whistles and bells of modern literature.
So if the back of these chairs, which is the past,
is hostile and abject with naked hatred,
and the front, which is the future,
is blank and promising but with a marker sketch of a black dragon,
what keeps me here?

(she accuse me of being things i am not or maybe i am
she says a coward. 3rd person point of view
is considered the most impersonal but i think
its biased in a way only history can be,
like henry naming his child john
or dead nephews in a closet)

But here, everything is painfully aware of its purpose, to condescend.
So I am the black scapegoat. So you can throw your cans to me.
So I'll chew away your rigid problems and wait
for the backlash of bad digestion. So I am a stress balloon
to pop when nothing else will go.

I guess I am sorry, maybe I shouldn't have to think about these things.
Like I am sorry that the bark of your life tree scrapes your hands when you climb
like I am sorry that I can't do everything right
like I am sorry that I cannot be compatible to your perfection
like I am sorry that I am always


like I am sorry for so many times you leave me to fend for myself.

Rubber duck on the bookshelf symbolizes desperation
because sometimes
I'm too lazy to think of fancy symbolism.