Once I was a woman, a person with a soul

I laughed, I cried, I shouted, just like a normal woman would

I sang, I danced, I loved, just like a normal woman would

But then true night descended,

to shutter the woman that I was deep within my soul

The night of desperation, of everlasting pain

When you're never sure if you want to die for fear you'll live again

Or maybe if you die on the day before release, your soul will never be at peace

Or what if you keep living and it never stops?

It was a night with a poisonous mist

Everything it touched, it would twist

Until you couldn't tell what up and what was down

Until you never knew who was a friend and who would tell for a meal

This night killed who I was, all that is left is a empty shell

I was broken and scattered to winds,

Like so many others,

Except they didn't live.