Dance of the Faeries Faerie Glade

Hidden meadow tucked between the trees

Bright green grass carpets the fertile ground,

except where pastel flowers speckle the carpet.

Flowers of powder blue, lilac, and white with a carmine tint

Trees of maple, oak, and hazel

Watching, smiling and friendly to the meadow,

but frowning and mysterious to the world beyond.
The sun set on the hot summer day,

turning it into a cool, calm night.

As the sun took its leave,

the moon returned to the sky,

to its place in the night.

When the sun had begun to fall,

slowly out of the trees the faeries came.
From small and petite to tall and great they came

Some had hair of russet or of beaten gold,

others of ethereal mist or ebony.

Clothed in the fine cobwebs discarded by spiders

or delicate petals and leaves of all colors.

On all the backs of the faeries were wings of gossamer.

The surface resembled that of a soap bubble,

ever dancing through fanciful colors

and just as untouchable.

The faces of these were varied

Several had fine aristocratic features

while others had a down-to-earth kind of beauty

But all had a bit of wonder and an air of mystery.

Their eyes held a mystical light,

each her own kind.
Slowly they flew into the glade

It rang with their bell-like laughter,

Which was echoed and magnified.

The small and petite gathered

The tall and great gathered

The glade slowly descended into silence,

watchful, waiting silence.

All of the lit eyes were raised to sky,

searching, looking, at the horizon before them.
Then the stars came out,

gracefully winking into existence

The moon bared her full face,

the beams covering the glade with white purity.

As the last star showed itself,

the Queen arrived.

Her features were of remote cast

Her eyes, ever changing wells of light,

which held immense wisdom and love of life.

Her dress was of the finest web

And the jewels that adorned it all the fruits of the earth

She was the Queen of the Faeries,

here to lead the dance.
She alighted upon the soft sward of the grass

Two wood faeries, their hair a rippling walnut

and clothes of deep green and acorn,

took her cloak of midnight sable,

bringing a cup of sweet dew.

Sipping the dew, she smiled

and as she finished took her place in circle being formed.

The faeries had made a circle and now made ready to dance.
The Queen gestured with her hands and the faeries began to dance

They danced to the music of crickets and the laughter of the stream,

to the hum of cicadas and the whistle of the wind.

Their ethereal bodies went as the dance told them to,

feet flying across the sward

The faces of the faeries were lit with a happy light,

the light of the earth's renewal, remembrance and love.

The children of Mother Nature glided and skipped to the beat of earth

On and on they danced, in circles and eights and lines,

until the stars began to recede as the sun's rays started to flood the horizon

Only then did they stop and just as quietly as most had come,

So did they slip off back to the forest, stream, or mountain from whence they came.
As the sun rose full above the horizon and burned away the last of the mist

The faerie glade stood once again unguarded,

except for the wise trees.

But there still lingered a bit of mystery

and here and there were new flowers,

left by the faeries to remind others of their dance.