Prologue I am Aizza and this is my story. I was born in Dndie, a very small, isolated island, in the Crimson Sea. I don't know exactly what year I was born. I think, at the moment, I am of 15 years. I have four siblings. My sisters, Fallon, and Isueara. Fallon was my youngest sister, now but of seven years, was the perfect little angel. Her hair was spun with the softest of gold, her eyes as clear as the sea that surrounded us. My older sister, Isueara, was very haughty, like mother. She had my mother's sharp green eyes, and her thin lips. She was always with mother, and didn't like my father much, if I can remember. My brothers were twins, Tamas and Tamasine. They were my best friends, who I spent all my time with. They were both fair haired and very beautiful. I suppose I should call them handsome, but they didn't really have that macho thing going on. I laugh at how I looked at them then. Now, I suppose you are wondering about me? Alright then, I was probably the odd child. I looked completely like father, all spindly arms and legs, flat as a board, skinny as a stick. My dark wavy hair used to be quite long, about to my waist. That was until.. No matter, it is now quite short. I have black eyes. I suppose that's all you care about, the appearance. Oh yes, there might be one last tiny detail you would be interested in. I am an assassin.