[Author's Note: I kind of got into one of my rare states of mind when I wrote this. I originally wrote it as a poem, and when I find the poem I might post it up on this thread. I also no the wording and grammar is quite simple but it was meant to be that way. Like I said I was out of it when I was writing it.]

It's another night, another day. Nothing seems to change does it? The silent tears fallen upon the cheek of brown fuzzy teddy bear clung tight within her arm. Praying for a miracle, praying he won't come home tonight all smelling of booze, and women he cheated on mommy with. It's not her fault, and yet they all blame her for their hell. Daddy, and mommy both taking anger out upon her, and she has no escape from all this pain.

Those tears are rubbed into the teddy's check with small finger. Eyes closing softly as she tried to get them to stop. If she didn't stop mommy would hear and beat her to get her to stop. Mommy doesn't want her to upset daddy, or daddy would hurt her too.

She finally stops with one last sniffle just as shadow lurks through the light coming through the crack of the ajar door. Her figure stiffened, and silence fell. She hadn't heard him walk inside. Had he finally come back from being away for so long?

The door creaks open, and her eyes looked up towards the figure that walked in. Big and burly was the man as hands reached out to grab arms that tried harder to cling more tight to the brown teddy. Power yank bringing her to feet as the stuffed bear fell at her feet. Being dragged across the room up off her bed, and alone could teddy watch.

Those black beady eyes watched as hands slashed through the air striking the young girl over and over. The blows filling the air, and soon did the sound of the breaking of bones. If those ears of fluff and clothe could hear teddy would hear it all going on, hear all the horror of every sound, and be able to finally help the little girl like it always wanted to.

It was to late when mommy came in. Daddy was hunched over the form of the little girl who lay still upon the floor. Her eyes widening as fright fell over that bruised face. He was in a blinding rage tonight, and no one knew what had brought him to such a point. A quick turn and she ran out of the door way to the living room where the phone would be.

And there would lay teddy helpless, and all...

Lifeless eyes, of the still little girl stared up at the ceiling as the sounds of mother's frightened cries touched upon the deaf ears. Locks of blonde spread across the floor heavy with being soaked in thick blood. Eyes of vibrant blue devoid of all life, and hands curled up with death's stillness keeping them in place. One hand twisted with broken fingers having reached out towards teddy wanting to hold her companion.

Soft light touched the shadows, and a hand reached over to pick up the teddy. The lady in such light white robes walking over towards the fallen girl. Her sorrowed green eyes looking down upon the child with the teddy bear in her hand. Angelic face lined in red gold locks that tumbled down to knees. Soon did she come to the side of the child, and kneel upon a single knee. Her hands moving to place the teddy bear into the arms of the little girl sitting right there next to stone still body.

"Teddy..." The little girl whispered with fingers stroking the bears coarse fur. Her blue eyes looking to black beady eyes before lifting to look upon this bizarre woman. "Thank you for bringing teddy back."

"Your welcome," The smile grew upon soft pink lips as the lady stood holding her hand out to little girl. "why not come with me someplace. I am sure you will be happy at my home."

The little girl nodded her head, and reached out fingers to take hold of the lady's hand. Fingers so small curling around this white dressed womans longer fingers. Slowly walking out of the room, and past the events within the living room. Both of them passing the cop car that had just arrived, at last had the neighbors dared to call. Little girl, and lady in white both fading from the area around them.

The reports were clear, and the cops had gotten there just in time. The mother was in critical condition when the ambulance arrived, and the father brought in. They had found the little girl dead in her room, no more then a bloody broken mess from what her father had left. Though strangest of all...

the teddy was gone.