Sin of a Father

Can you feel that?
The twisting and grinding of knife against bone and sinew
The crackle and suction of blood vessals being snapped
Can you feel that?
Drowning deep in your sea of loathing and gluttony
Choking on the lies and deceptions of your past lives
There is nothing I can do for you now, My Child
You have sinned and I must sacrafically cleanse your soul
Can you feel that?
The Church has a denial factor of what I do for you Children
But you must deal with these changes in Faith and God
The Lord does not like Sinners and it is up to me, as his disciple to cleanse the Gluttony
Can you feel that?
The knife grinds deeper into you and the sins become more and more fluent reds
And soon his work shall be as though in Heaven
And you will thank me for this
Can you feel that?