It is the urge and the desire to have and need
The rancid pain that you can't fight or hide from
The gun that is constantly held to your head
The need for that one thing that you can not have
And when you have it...only then can you be at peace
And then once you have some of the Magick Dust pumping in you
You sigh in please and moan into the needle and it clashes against the ground
Once again everything is fine and well
But when the addiction fondles too much with your mind and heart
It can hurt those you love and care about
But what should you care because you need the Heroine
You want that Heroine
And you must have it or everyone around you will suffer
And thoughts of murder, suicide, lies all spin within
So you set out to get some more of the Magick Dust and
Little do you know it is about to end
Because you never saw the man with the Blue Tuarus coming around the corner