Through Cat's Eyes I See

            The Egyptian goddess of war and revenge, Sekhmet, was displeased. Standing before her in her temple were three would-be assassins of the young boy-king, the Pharoah, known to his subjects and the rest of the known world as Tutankhammen. His true-name, however, was known only to him, the gods, and one evil sorceror. True-names were given only to those needing protection of the gods. His true-name was Thorn, although even he did not know why.

            The three assassins were siblings, the eldest being twins, brother and sister, and the younger also a sister. The brother was called Omitar, his twin Naia. The youngest sister, the fiercest, slyest, most assassin-like of the bunch, was called Takeis.

            "You three are aware that by even trying to murder the Pharoah, you have aroused the gods's wrath?" Sekhmet demanded. Omitar and Naia averted their eyes from the great goddess. The three's hands were bound, and any attempt to escape would result in long, slow, painful death.

            It was Takeis who answered. "We know," she said bitterly. "But it held a lot of money for us, Your Worship." Her tone was bitter and sarcastic. "You try living life on Egyptian streets someday."

            "Takeis!" Naia cried. "We're in enough trouble already!"

            "Like it'll matter?" Takeis muttered poisonously, but held her tongue after that.

            "You think you will die?" Sekhmet asked.

            "We think we'll die, and we think we won't get into the Afterworld," Omitar said.

            "You won't die," Sekhmet said. "So long as the prince doesn't." The goddess of revenge and war looked at the three murderers. "The great and evil wizard, Krenakaris, wants the Pharoah's soul for his own dark purposes."

            "We know," said Naia, then flushed and bit her lip. Sehkmet raised an eyebrow; Omitar and Naia looked away.

            Takeis grinned wickedly. "We know," she repeated. "It was Krenakaris who hired us."

            "Ah," Sekhmet said. "You go from his allies to enemies."

            "What will keep us from murdering the Pharoah instead of protecting him?" Takeis looked at her siblings, who both looked as though they were about to be sick. "What will keep me from it?"

            "Don't worry, all you need to know is that you won't be able to kill the prince," Sekhmet said. "You can choose to not protect him. If the Pharoah dies, you will die the same way." Omitar cursed, Naia looked ready to cry. Takeis's face was unreadable, cold and set as stone. "Throughout eternity, you will be his protector. His soul will live a lifetime, leave the body, and jump to another body. I don't know if you'll ever know where the prince will be next. I will be altering your forms to suit your needs. You will be able to alter your human appearance as well; you can change your form from human to…not human at will." Sekhmet waved a hand and spoke words of magic.

            The change was immediate. Omitar had become part griffin, part human: his torso and head remained human; his back half changed into that of a lion. From his shoulder blades, huge white wings sprouted. Naia had become part pegasus, part human: her back half, like Omitar's, was that of a horse, while her torse and head remained her own. From her shoulder blades too, there were huge white wings. Takeis, however, was not part human, part creature. She was a sphinx. She had the four paws of a lion, complete with claws; the tail of a lion; teeth of a lion; cat's eyes; and the same huge white wings her brother and sister had.

            "Have a good eternity," Sekhmet said and disappeared. Her voice lingered on even after her body was gone: Protect the Pharoah!

            The three siblings, suddenly monsters, looked at each other, confused. "I…" Naia faltered. She had always been the soft one, the one who only went along with plans because both Omitar and Takeis did.

            "I guess we…we go to the Pharoah," Omitar said. "Do we fly?"

            "Why not?" Takeis snorted. "We have the wings, don't we?" Experimentally, Takeis flapped her wings and was actually startled when she rose into the air. "Come on, you two, we may have eternity, but don't have all night!"

            That inane statement lifted Omitar and Naia's spirits some. They both flapped their wings and followed their younger sister out of the temple towards the palace where the young boy-king slept.

            They found his wide, tall window easily, and flew in. Takeis was not one to fool around; she shook the young Pharoah awake. He woke up quickly and squinted up at the three freaks in his royal room.

            "Who…what are you?"

            "What?" Takeis snorted. "We are given to you by the gods to protect your royal hide, Highness. Your soul is in danger."

            "My soul?" Tutankhammen repeated. He was seventeen; a boy given to disbelief and skepticism. "Who wants it?"

            "Your magician," Omitar said, slowly regaining his confidence. "Krenakaris."

            "No! He is my most trusted advisor," the Pharoah said. "He is like my uncle. I call him Ay."

            "Of course you do," Takeis said gently. "But we are creatures unreal before now. You must believe the gods gave us to you."

            "Yes! Set!"

            "No!" Takeis turned to her brother and sister, who did not know what to say. "Sekhmet! Amun-ra! Osiris, Isis! Thoth, Nut! We are here for your protection."

            At that moment, the magician, Krenakaris burst through the doors. He had killed the guards guarding the boy-king. "Your soul will be mine, Thorn!" A knife materialized in the magician's hands. He threw it at the boy-king, who was frozen in fear in his bed.

            Omitar leapt onto the bed and took the knife for his charge. It him in his chest. He crumpled to the floor. "Omitar!" Naia cried. She saw another dagger forming in Krenakaris's hands. She, too, sacrificed her life for the boy-king.

            Before another knife could form in the magician's hands, Takeis, whose freakish body was the most mobile—her general form still being human—leapt on Krenakaris, trying to rip out his juglar vein with her teeth, clawing at him. With inhuman strength, Krenakaris hurled the sphinx off him.

            Another dagger came to the magician's hand. Unable to see well in the darkness, he plunged it into the first available place in the boy-king's body—his skull. As Thorn died, his soul flitted from his body, narrowly escaping the magician. The magician cursed and disappeared. His soul-catching would have to wait until Thorn's next lifetime.

            Though Takeis had succeeded in protecting her charge's soul—Thorn—Tutankhammen  was dead. Omitar and Naia were dead. Suddenly, Takeis, slumped against the wall, felt warm, sticky blood flowing from her scalp down into her face. She reached up slowly and found a knife in her skull as well.

            She felt the blood flow, felt as the knife impeded her brain's functions. She felt herself dying…

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

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