Maybe if I'd never agreed to the job, some other fools would've taken our place. Maybe not. Maybe we would've done something else to offend the gods, or maybe we would've just been heroes. Or maybe Krenakaris would've taken Thorn and the world would've been plunged into darkness. Maybe not. And maybe if we had never saved Thorn, body or soul, maybe something/one else would've intervened. Or maybe not, and the world would be plunged into darkness. Maybe if we saved Thorn's body earlier, Krenakaris would've died and I'd never've been alone. Maybe not. Maybe if we'd tried a little harder, Jonathon Alter never would've been—but maybe not.

            The story's not over. Krenakaris hasn't won, but neither have I. I still don't know why Krenakaris wants Thorn…

            And maybe I never will.

            …But maybe it doesn't matter.

Me: Oh, wow…it's done…

Lil' Blue Muse: I don't have anything obnoxious to say. Crap.

Me: Um…thank you to all the Reviewers who have Reviewed or are *about* to (ahem-hem). It was a pleasure sharing this story with you, and sharing Takeis, who's been rattling around in my head for quite some time now. I hope you all enjoyed reading my little brainchild, 'cause I definitely enjoyed writing it!!

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