Religion. It's something that surrounds us all in our everyday life, regardless of where you are. One holds their personal beliefs to heart, hopping to find inner salvation and peace of mind. Some may believe something, when some may believe another. Not everyone takes their differences so lightly, and their ideas and beliefs can grow radical to the point when they're no longer rays of hope, but fireballs of hate.

I have come to find that religion has become dirty and polluted. I am athiest, and I am proud to say that I am a very kind and generous person to boot. Already someone may have gotten angry with me for just those two sentences, and that's what I'm talking about. I don't like pointing fingers specificly, but in this case, there is only one religion I can name for it's filthy populous and history. This religion is called Christianity. Now, more then ever, "Born again" Christians are appearing and spreading. Churches around every corner. These people have become so engrossed in their own beliefs, they demand everyone else to share it, and hate all those who refuse. I have been told that my parents were horrible because they let me watch South Park, by a "good" Christian woman. I was younger at the time, and I was very upset by this woman's cruel and hurtful remark. Hasn't anyone stopped to realize that other human beings come before a belief in a god? I have been told I was a bad person, because I did not go to church, and I reject Jesus from my life. It is because of evils like this, and common sense, that I have firmly made my decision. I have been hurt so many times by the lord's bible beating deciples, yet I feel insignificant to all the other innocent men, women, and even children, that have lost their lives in the name of a god.

The Crusades. A man had a dream where he heard the voice of god, and saw a red cross on a shield. He instructed his followers to paint this cross on their shields, and they set off in search for holy land. How did they get this "holy" land? They slaughtered and murdered for it, all in the name of their "loving" god. It didn't stop there, oh no. There were more Crusades and killings to come. Anyone remember the inquisition? They tried and killed all those who didn't worship their god. The Salem witch trials? Those were all started by puritains who thought the devil was posessing everything. But that wasn't just it, was it? These sick people accused those who they knew were innocent, to get people they disliked out of the picture, and to be able to buy land cheap from those who had been hanged so wrongly. Christianity is stained with an endless ocean of blackend blood.

Not all other religions are unstained either. Isreal is a now occuring example of the evils of religion. The whole key goal is land that two different religions find to be holy. They won't share of course, why would they want to do that? The poor souls of the west bank and Gazza strip are always being harassed by Isreal troops, and the poor civilians of Isreal are always being killed by Martyrs. Neither side is clean, and neither side is right.

Look at our world as it is today. Do you not find people from churches and other such places at your home door, trying to sell you their religion? If I were you, I would be very offended! If I was a god, I would not like the way religion is being handled. I had a couple come to my door when I was by myself from a local church. I wasn't even a teenager then, and they asked me to do a survey for them. I agreed to the kind people and they began. Their questions were religious, and weren't survey questions. They didn't write a single thing down on that clipboard. Thier last question was, "What is faith?". I answered it to my personal beliefs, and I was told I was wrong. I had said, "Faith is something you belive in and care about". The whole thing was a ruse to preach about faith and Jesus Christ. I was a little kid, and I am deeply hurt now, to know that I was lied to and abused. My mother woke up from her sleep, having only gotten home a few hours ago from the late shift at a nursing home, and acted angry to make them leave. Once she closed the door, she laughed and appologized for sounding mean to me, and we went about our business. I don't require the bribe of heaven, or to be scared straight by hell to be a good person. My goal in life is to love and assist, and it's not right for a bible beating lunatic to tell me I'm terrible because I don't accept his god! It is shameful to know that our society is full of people with such hate!

I have had the benifits of hearing shortwave radio, thanks to my father's hobby and technology. I have heard disgusting things that Christian networks broadcast all around the world. Pharmasitis are sorcerers and you can't take medicine. Hollywood is evil, because Frankynstien emulates the work of god. Gays and faries are the most filthy, wretched people on the planet and need to be burned. Athiests don't deserve to be in the government because they are incompitent compared to a christian. America was founded on Christian beliefs and the country must be taken back. These are only a few horrible things that are broadcast to the world. It's wrong to tell someone how to live their life. Everyone chooses what path to lead.

Those of you who believe in god and don't talk about it like it was the greatest thing in the world, and always try to convert others, good for you! You have realized the meaning of true faith. To be good spirited to your fellow man, giving him a hand, without trying to hurt his personal beliefs. I hold my values to heart, and I'm sure everyone else does too.

You don't need to worship something to love something. Life is wonderful, and I am ever grateful to have great parents that have given me the ability to experience it. Over the past while, I have aspired to a writier, writing a drama series about a family and their troubles called "The Trensetters". I have given them life from nothing. Is there someone in the world that is damming me for emulating the work of god?

Life itself is what's important in life, and there are a lot of people that need to stop hurting others with their religion. Thats not what religion is about. You are to love and cherish everything, giving everyone and their beliefs a chance, and not disliking someone because of their difference. I had a girl, that I enjoyed spending time with. She was a christian, and she did not know my views on religion. One day, it came up. We explained both our sides, and I was rather insulted that she kept trying to convert me. She didn't believe in the theory of evolution and believed aliens came from the abyss, which was located in the Grand Canyon. We stopped talking after that. I couldn't stand her destruction of science, and her attempts to change what I hold dear, especially when I was comfortable with what she believed. She also never called me back either after that, apparently not being comfortable with an athiest, even though she said she was. Is it a crime for someone to not want to be anything?

I believe firmly the theory of evolution and the big bang theory. I idolize Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin. We have seen evolution happen before our eyes, and we can see the universe expanding, but a true Christian will not accept these things because the bible says otherwise. We are finally advancing, and the world needs to put aside the bible. It was written long ago, by people who were high off of hasheish, and were under horrible tyranny. They needed this hope. I accept religion for what it is, but I do not approve the words and actions of many of it's followers. Someone can't live their life trying to live their life by a book. I have had the ultimate power of free choice bestowed upon me, to do with my life as I please. We must stop pushing advancement back because of religion.

All I want, is a world with peace, knowledge, prosperity. A world where we all live as one.