The dog tied to the pole whined

The leash reached the gate

The dog went round and round the pole

You could feel the grinding

Aluminum chain against the pole

Metal against metal drove you wild

There was a loud boom

He had known that the sky would open

Any second and pour down the sea

It did the water hit the sprouts of grass

Making them vanish into the ground

The door slammed open as two people

Ran toward the dog stepping through

Melons in the garden

One held his sweater over the dog

As the other undid his leash

She didn't even notice the little boy

Walk out the door and into the rain

The t-shirt the boy wore cling to him

She ran with the dog inside the

House and shut the door the door once again

Opened for him to grab the boy

Inside the dog shook himself spraying

The living room with dirt she laughed

As she toweled him off before herself