Lose My Spark

Accustomed to the darkness,
Afraid to show the light;
I feared it be inadequate,
I feared it be too bright,
but then he forced it out of me
and surprisingly it felt right—
he changed me from the inside out
and for him my heart took flight.

But ah, things change
and life goes on—
in the blink of an eye, it seemed
he had gone,
and for a long while I lamented the loss—
for that I wasn't wrong—
but the reason for his existence
was under my nose all along.

By the time I met you
I was coping quite well,
and cheerfulness rang
in my heart like a bell—
you couldn't resist it
and nothing could quell
your thirst for my new radiance...
and deep in love you fell.

Accustomed I am now to the light,
Afraid to show the dark—
afraid that you might turn away
if for a while I lose my spark.

I wonder if you'll love me
in the black and in the white—
And I hope you'll see them both in me
like the starry, moonless night.

Author's Notes: I really am not so fond of this one, but I'm a little desperate for posts, and since it's the first thing I've written in a while...well. I'm glad I've written something, and hey, maybe it'll mean something to one of you out there who reads it. ^_^ The story, though...I wrote this out of a small fear in the back of my mind that someone I love won't quite love me so much anymore once he sees my, uh..."darker side". He's got very little idea so far that I have one, and I'm just so accustomed now to being cheerful that it's gonna come as a complete surprise when my "darker side" gets a hold of me again. I'm not that concerned about it, but I might as well nip it in the bud now, ne? ^_^ Hey, I hope the poem (if not even that great XD) entertained or spoke to you in some way. ^_^ Thanks a million for taking the time to read (and review, if that's the case). Ja!! ~MJ
Date of Composition: February 7th, 2003