Emerald Waters.

Around the bend where the rocks rise high

The emerald waters caress the sky

Not a murky brown or a common blue

But a dazzling green, an extraordinary view

Waves reach the corners of the world

His life traveling upon their curl

Beneath these waves where no sun can reach

An infinite number of miles at least

Lies the soul of this emerald land

Hidden within these eyes of a man

These waters hold his heart and soul

His struggles, his victories, and his goals

They store his anger and his pain

They house within them his joy and gain

And through these eyes you can see it all

From every climb to every fall

And although his tongue in known to lie

The truth is revealed within his eyes.

A/n: based on a certain green-eyed person who my friend is obsessed with. Really, my friend. If it was me, I'd be gazing at the many dolls she has of him. Opps, I have already said to much. Hehehe.