We're not perfect

A/n: Half rant...half whatever. I was angry with my result with my one story. So...yeah...I'm not perfect...Please review.


Well, I'm not perfect
What'd you gonna do?
At least I try to do the right thing
Why don't you?
Please stop lying
It's not fair
Can't you see what you're doing?
Don't you know they to have feelings?

Well, I'm not perfect
But at least I try
Why can't you do the same?
Are you afraid you won't be cool or something?
I know I sound dumb
That I'm just some self-righteous prep
Please understand what I say
Calling others names isn't right

I know it may not be "cool"
But if you try to stop,
They'll all look up to you
Making you the better person
Then the cooler you'd be
Try to understand please
I know it's hard for you
We're not perfect
But if we try
Then maybe we'll be as close
To as perfect as we can get