It's All About the Rules

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Mark's door creaked open about an hour and a half later, revealing the exhausted looking youth in the same clothes, bearing unkempt dirty blonde hair hanging slightly in his eyes.

Tyler sighed slightly, glancing slightly over his shoulder to see Mark step out of his room and walk around him.

"Aren't you bored?" Mark asked in a quiet voice, crossing his arms over his chest to mimic Tyler, watching him carefully.

Tyler sat up from his slouched position, uncrossing his arms and staring up with an unfaltering expression. "Yes."

Mark forced a small smile, swaying slightly on his feet and tilting his head the other way while focusing on Tyler. "That chair doesn't look too comfortable."

"It's not," Tyler replied, glancing aside down the hallway blankly.

Mark's gaze never once left Tyler, his shoulders scrunching upwards every so often before speaking. "You know. you don't talk that much."

Tyler turned to face Mark, his brows raising slightly and an expecting expression forming, "What do you want, Mark?"

Mark bit his lower lip, his arms across his chest tightening slightly. "I just wanted to ask if you wanted to come in my room," he pursed his lips tightly, a straight line forming where a small smile had once been.

"No," Tyler said simply, leaning over his knees on his elbows and running a hand though his dark hair.

Mark let his arms fall, watching Tyler closely and becoming quiet for a moment with a blank expression.

Tyler leaned back against the chair, resting his arms on his legs and glancing up at Mark uncertainly.

Mark shook off the moment by shaking his head, a slightly annoyed expression crossing his face. "My mom told me what's going on!" he exclaimed.

Tyler stood quickly, grasping Mark's upper arm tightly and pushing him back into his room, releasing him once they were both inside and shutting the door behind them. He turned back around to face Mark, trying to control himself. "Your mommy told you what's going on?" he repeated, his face scrunching up in anger. "If Dylan and I weren't here, you and your family would be dead."

Mark was unable to move away from Tyler, but leaned back slightly as he advanced on him. His bottom lip quivered slightly and his face showed fear.

Tyler took no notice of Mark's reaction and continued to advance on him, his voice low and threatening and his body tense. "If you keep up this little bitchy attitude of yours, god help me, I'll kill you myself."

Mark's body shuddered just as Tyler took a step forward, pointing a finger into Mark's chest harshly. He finally was able to step backwards just a step, eyeing Tyler quietly for a few moments as Tyler slowly lowered his hand. "I'm sorry," Mark mumbled after a minute.

Tyler took a step back as well, slightly surprised at himself for losing his temper. He was never one to lose control like that. "Yeah." he found himself muttering, glancing aside and bringing a hand up to rub the back of his neck.

Mark's brows dipped slightly, watching Tyler's almost pained expression. "Ty?" he asked quietly, remaining a few steps from Tyler.

"It's nothing," Tyler said quietly, his hand moving to rub his temples on his forehead, taking a few steps backwards towards Mark's crumpled bed. He slowly sat down, rubbing his face and then running his hands through his hair with a sigh.

"What's wrong?" Mark asked, hesitantly following Tyler over to his bed and sitting comfortably beside him, turned towards him with one leg on the bed, bent at the knee. "Ty, talk to me."

Tyler sighed, moving to stand again, but was caught off guard by Mark's grip pulling him back to sit down. He raised a brow, looking down at Mark's hand on his arm.

Mark let go immediately, smiling from being slightly embarrassed. "Sorry," he mumbled, running a hand though his hair and looking down at his other hand in his lap.

Tyler watched Mark's hands fiddle in his lap, his face showing slight traces of longing. He made an attempt to lift his hand a few times but decided against it.

"Ty?" Mark asked, even quieter than they had been speaking. He had noticed the small action and tilted his head slightly leaning into Tyler slightly. "You okay?"

Tyler looked up, finding himself mere inches from Mark's face. His own exhausted eyes locked with Mark's. His gaze shifted downward to Mark's lips, the younger boy's lips parted slightly and his breath apparently faster.

"I-" Mark attempted to speak, but was silenced by Tyler as he leaned into his lips, one of his hands coming up to rest behind Mark's neck, drawing him close quickly.

Mark's eyes were wide at first, his hands shooting out to press against Tyler's chest, but did not push him away.

Tyler's hands pressed against Mark's back tightly, bringing their bodies until they could no longer become any closer. His tongue slowly dipped out of his parted lips, caressing the young boy's lower lip sensually.

Mark involuntarily moaned, his mouth opening willingly to the warmth of Tyler's breath against his skin. He leaned back slowly, his hands slowly snaking up around Tyler's neck, drawing him slowly down on top of him.

Tyler's hands pressed against the mattress to hold himself off of Mark momentarily. His thoughts were blurred and his emotions weren't surfacing.

Mark leaned back up slightly, pressing his own mouth back to Tyler's once again and Tyler's momentary hesitation was forgotten.

Quiet moans were heard from Mark as Tyler's body shifted atop of him. One of Tyler's hands slipped into Mark's hair, grasping it tightly and tilting his head backwards. Mark's hands eagerly roamed over Tyler's body, small pants escaping his mouth.

***Rule: Do not get involved with the client.***


"When is he coming?" Mrs. Maser asked, her arms crossed over his chest, hugging her robe to her slim body. She tossed her curly brown hair over her shoulder as she glanced at her husband pouring a cup of tea for himself.

"Within a few hours," Tyler responded, hanging up the phone he had just been on with the agency. He sat on a stool at the kitchen's island, one elbow resting on the cool concrete slab.

"Should you or I go with Mr. Maser today?" Dylan asked, leaning back against the counter, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Neither," Tyler responded, clasping his hands on the counter before him. "Mr. Maser, you've been asked to call in sick today."

Mr. Maser put his cup of tea beside the stove, shaking his head continuously. "No, Tyler, I couldn't do that. We have an important meeting today."

"This will lead the adversary to believe you're afraid," Tyler informed him.

Dylan nodded, taking a step over to Tyler and standing behind him. "Tyler's right. In order to find out who threatened you, we need you to cooperate."

"Morning," Mark said upon entering the kitchen, tossing his backpack up onto the counter and heading over to the refrigerator.

"Hi honey," Mrs. Maser said quickly, her mind distracted with her husband's predicament.

"Is there any way I could attend the meeting and then leave?" Mr. Maser asked hopefully, lifting his tea again and carrying it over to where Tyler and Dylan sat.

Mark finished pouring himself a glass of juice, wandering over curiously. "What's up?" he asked, leaning over the counter, a barely noticable grin etched on his face as he watched Tyler.

"We're just waiting for the new bodyguard," Mrs. Maser replied, putting a hand on her son's shoulder.

Mark remained staring at Tyler, shrugging his shoulders slightly to make his mother's hand drop off his arm.

Tyler continued to watch Mr. Maser, never allowing his gaze to travel to Mark. "Please call your office, Mr. Maser."

"What about Mark?" Mr. Maser asked. "What about school?" he reluctantly headed over to the phone and lifted it, preparing to dial his office.

"Perhaps he should stay home," Dylan recommended, glancing over to Mark and raising a brow suspiciously as he noticed Mark's fixed gaze on Tyler.

"No," Tyler said simply, slipping off the stool. "Dylan will escort Mark to school. I'll wait here for the new agent."

Mark stood, his facial expression falling. "Wait, no, I want to stay here," he argued, watching Tyler move walk around to the sink. "With you."

Dylan watched Tyler ignore the young boy before turning to him. "Tyler's right."

"Wait, Ty," Mark protested, walking over to him and gasping his arm lightly.

Tyler simply shrugged Mark off his arm, walking away from him without a glance. "Mr. Maser, please proceed with your phone call."

Mr. Maser nodded and turned his back on them, dialing the phone to his office. "Hello, Ida. Yes, it's me. No."

As Mr. Maser continued speaking with his assistant the doorbell rang, causing Mrs. Maser and Tyler to leave the kitchen promptly.

"What's going on?" Dylan asked, causing Mark to stop from following Tyler out of the room.

"Nothing," Mark snapped, turning and walking over to the counter again to grab his backpack angrily. "Let's just go."

Dylan followed Mark towards the side-door, unconvinced of his response.

"Seth," the new agent held out his hand toward Tyler after having been introduced to Mrs. Maser at the front door.

"Tyler," he replied, shaking his hand firmly.

***Rule: Establish trust within relationships between agents and/or clients. ***

Mrs. Maser forced a small smile before hurrying down the hall to fetch her husband.

"They briefed you on the case, I suppose," Tyler sighed, glancing down the hall to watch Mrs. Maser disappear around the corner.

"Yeah, I got it," Seth replied, looking Tyler over carefully. "So there's another agent, right? You're Tyler, so the other guy's Dylan?"

Tyler nodded, turning back to him and studying his face just as carefully as Seth was staring back at him.

"And where would he be?" Seth raised a brow, pocketing one hand in the pants of his suit and glancing from side to side casually.

"He's taking Mark to school," Tyler replied, turning around as he heard the Maser's approaching.

"Mark?" Seth asked, lowering his voice slightly as he saw Mrs. Maser and her husband. "Is that their son?"

Tyler said nothing, only gave a small encouraging smile to Mr. Maser as he saw the worry etched into his face.

"Ah, so you must be Seth," Mr. Maser's face showed a small amount of hope rising. "I'm Mr. Maser. It's a pleasure," He extended his hand courteously.

"That's me," Seth grinned, shaking his hand vigorously. "Don't you worry Mr. Maser. Your family's under the best care while I'm here."

Tyler's eyes narrowed slightly in uncertainty, carefully watching the new agent.

"Well, that's very comforting," Mr. Maser laughed uneasily, glancing to his wife momentarily before looking over at Tyler. "Tyler's done an amazing job keeping us safe."

"Headquarters begs to differ," Seth said quietly just as the Maser's began leading him into the kitchen.

Tyler paused, outstretching his hand and grabbed hold of Seth's forearm, restraining him. His eyes narrowed as he watched him expectantly.

"You mind?" Seth asked, jerking his arm away from Tyler and heading into the kitchen.