A/N: kind of a longish chapter, compared to the other ones… bear with me please… in Tairo's POV.

Warning: a tiny bit of shonen ai towards the end of this chapter. If you get offended, first of all- I don't care. Second- I warned you so ha.

Pass The Kaleidoscope

Chapter 10 - Tairo -

"Syrup flavored lip gloss"

* * *

Mr. Marusaki didn't reply, but instead held two fingers an inch away from the boy's tanned neck.

Tairo swallowed hard.

What scared him most was the tiny glowing ball of acid green energy forming at the those fingertips.

So here I am, Tairo Yangashi, one of the top ranked drifters on the planet (in my age division at least), and I'm dangling from this martial-artist-wannabe's fist.

To top it off, I'm wearing possibly the world's dustiest high school uniform, from hanging up in that never-before cleaned attic.

I'll do anything to salvage my dignity at this point.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a flickering green light that kept getting stronger and stronger.

Soon enough, I could feel it burn against my skin, though it still hadn't touched me yet.

Damnit!!! Why didn't those freaks tell us this principal guy can manipulate chi?!?!

Depending on what level of drifter you are, you can enter chi fighting competitions. If you don't have what it takes to form energy like that though, you just stick to plain old jujitsu, kung fu, fencing, whatever it is you do.

Well ya know what Principal Asshole? You ain't the only one who can play this game…

Without him noticing, I started to form a tennis ball sized orb of gold energy.

The warmth from my energy began to build up against my hand. As if my palms weren't sweaty enough as it is…

A tiny burst of green light and the scorching heat on my neck told me that Principal Asshole just emitted the last, finishing touch of chi to that little puke-green ball of his.

I keep as much of my energy as I can concealed in my down turned hand……

All I have to do is count to three…..

Aight now…….






Violently thrown backwards, for a minute I couldn't see anything because I hit my skull against the wall.

Whoa… brief blackout..

Did I hear someone collide into a different wall at the same time? I'm not quite sure….

Funny thing is, I didn't create enough energy to throw me off balance, much less throw me back a good 5 feet and clear into a wall.

I could have sworn I felt a hand knock mine away, and that same hand giving me one of the hardest punches to the side I've felt in my life.

As the dust began to clear I could see a vague figure standing upright.

Jumping to my feet I ran straight for it.

With a crash, we both landed in a heap on the floor. And with the dust gone I could clearly see his face.

My eyes went comically wide as I yelled out,

"Holy chicken shit!!!"

A boy with dark brown hair, red eyes, and a scar on his cheek growled in my face then yelled,

"Baka!! Will you get OFF of me!?"

I scrambled off and helped Roshoko up, noticing burn marks on his hands.

"How'd you get those??"

Roshoko glared at me for a moment then answered,

"By knocking your attack away. You idiot, why'd you take on that guy without the rest of us? He can't know you're a drifter yet, otherwise you'll get kicked out. You're a damn lucky fuck he didn't see your attack."

Well shit. Excuse me for trying to save my ass.

"Well where is he now?!" I looked around the hall, seeing broken shards of glass from the shattered window where my energy had been diverted.

"Gone," Roshoko said quietly. "He was gone several minutes ago."

I took in a deep breath, then winced when I felt a sharp pain stab at my side.

"Geez, were you the one that punched me too??" I saw Roshoko nod, then bellowed, "WHAT'D YOU DO THAT FOR?!?"

Roshoko looked at me calmly and I was growing irritated.

"Damnit Ryu, I think you cracked a rib or two!"

Roshoko pointed to a spot on my neck and instinctively my hand went to it…. it was a raw burn mark.

"See that? Now would you rather have a few broken ribs or a bleeding hole in your neck?"

Great…. Way to make me feel like a dumb ass.

After a moment of being pointlessly silent (you know I hate that), I spoke again.

"Thanks Rosho, I guess I owe ya one now." I smiled wryly at my own comment.

This wasn't the first time dragon boy here saved my life. I owe him more than just one, and he knows it. Damn.

"Whatever… get to class."

I burst out laughing at this.

"I can't. What do you think I'm doing out in these halls? Math teacher kicked me out." HAHA ISNT THAT FUNNY ROSHO?! HA HA. HA HA. I wondered what Roshoko would do if I had said that last part out loud.

Roshoko looked at me skeptically and a thought sprang into my mind.

"What are YOU doing out here??" I asked.

Roshoko dangled a small, rectangular piece of paper in front of my eyes.

"I have a hall pass, you don't."

Roshoko walked away, turning left into the boy's bathroom.

. . .

That's Roshoko Ryu…. 1) save the world, 2) take a piss break

* * *

The lunch bell had rung several minutes ago, and thanks to my special super-human power of a -fantastic- memory, after about ten minutes I realized I had forgotten my backpack in my last classroom.

Keno must have realized this too.

"You're so dumb Tairo…"

I have yet to hit Keno on the head for that, but at the time it was too painful to extend my arm that far.

I blame Roshoko for that.

I head for the chemistry room, hoping that my backpack was still there and that the doors weren't locked.

The door opens and lying on the floor next to my desk is a faded black backpack.

I moved to switch on a light but something stopped me. A hand grabbed my own and I spun around to face….

"Taiiiii… don't you like me anymore?" Birdie whined. Her huge, dark chocolate eyes looked up at mine and I swallowed.

A few moments ago I could have undoubtedly told her to go to hell, but the devil knows I'm a sucker for a pretty face….

Figuring it was just better not to respond, I turned around and grabbed my backpack, hoping in vain that she'd go away soon.

Bayrie had been right. '…being around Birdie Mitchell is like having to drink syrup straight from the jug. Sickly sweet, sticky, clingy…'

Displeased by my unusual silence, she shrieked "You suck, Yangashi!"

"You swallow… Mitchell," I retort. Ha. Get it. Suck, swallow….. ok, anyway…

"Maybe I do," the bleach blond slut smiles slowly.

Hm… not a bad graphic there, but I'll pass, thanks.

Whipping around and grabbing her by the shoulders, I -almost- start screaming in her face about what a whore she is and that she'd better get checked for an STD soon.

I say 'almost' because I didn't get to do that last thing… I got a little distracted when I found that I could count her teeth with my tongue.

I must admit, she gave me what was possibly the wettest, sluttiest, freaking -hottest- kiss I've had in my entire life.

And that's saying a lot.

There were only two things wrong with the kiss. First off all, the syrup flavored lip gloss she was wearing only reminded me more of what Bayrie had said. Big turn off.

Secondly, this was BIRDIE'S tongue in MY mouth. We're talking about slut extraordinair. Who knows how many dick's have been inside that mouth?!?!?

My stomach lurches at the very thought. I may hold the rep of being an infamous sex-driven pervert, but fuck me upside down if I don't have my principles.

I heard the door click behind us about 3 seconds before violently pulling Birdie off of me.

My head turned towards the door and my eyes fell on a girl with waist length black hair and calm, violet eyes.

I couldn't quite read the expression on Kelby's face. She looked… bitterly amused almost.

You know the bad part? I actually had to catch my breath before I could say anything to her. God… did I feel like an asshole…

"Kel…" ok just breathe, "Kelby. I'm really sorry…"

I wasn't exactly sure what I was sorry for, but I was. Kelby's eyes did something like a shrug, and she moved swiftly past me.

"What are you sorry about? I don't care what you do," She picked up a science book that had been lying on her desk.

"Buh bye," Kelby waved once with her back turned and shut the door.

Something inside me cracked when I heard Birdie's voice once again (though it could have just been a dislocated rib but yeah)

"Well that was retarded. Screw Kelby Winters…"

"Go fuck your Captain Indigo!" I snapped, bolting out the door and slamming it behind me. I'm surprised the glass didn't shatter.

Must catch up with Kelby…. damn, now where'd she go?

These halls are long and I left pretty quickly after she did. She must have ran.


The girl's head spun around and the first thing I did was make sure her eyes were dry.

Hm… no tears, that's a good sign. I really don't want it to see any girl cry, be it Kelby or Birdie. I can't stand it when people cry.

"You alright?" I asked. Up until now I never thought violet ice existed. Kelby angled her eyes up at mine and responded,

"That was a stupid question to ask."

"Well you just gave me an equally stupid answer."

"Why are you even here?"

I studied her face. She and Birdie are great deal different from each other… being that Kelby's personality is about a thousand times easier to bear. My eyes didn't exactly cringe when I saw her either.

"Trying to find out if I really saw that pain in your eyes or not."

Bingo. Kelby's iced eyes melted for a second, and no matter how quickly she recovered herself, she gave it away in that one split second.

She smirked coldly, "Don't flatter yourself Tairo. You're not my type. I've had more than my share of guys who aren't anything but trouble."

"So then why do you hang around guys like Akugi and Kagai?" I shot back.

Kelby frowned slightly. "You can't say that. Not about Akugi anyway. He's a really responsible guy…. and you hang with one twin, you hang with the other. They wouldn't try anything on me."

She paused for a moment, before adding with an increased frown, "Besides, I think Kagai likes you."

I wasn't sure whether to crack up or make a face. I did the latter.

"Kagai hates me," I blurted. "He's a prejudice dipshit who hates all drifters!"

"Believe what you want, I'm going now."

I think I might have scared Kelby when I tilted her chin upwards with my hand, speaking many degrees softer than I had before.

"Did I hurt you at all today when you saw Birdie kiss me?"

No reply. I spoke again.

"I'm sorry."

My face just a few inches away from hers, I could already tell I was going to enjoy this kiss much more than my previous one.

* * * *

Still smiling to myself quietly, I decided to skip lunch that day.

Suddenly, I heard someone stumble over a step behind me.

Turning around, I recognized long, spiky red hair and black trench coat. Other than the trench coat, the sunglasses half concealing the boy's eyes confirmed me that it was Kagai.

There was something about they way he held himself… something was wrong.

I wasn't close enough to smell any alcohol or marijuana on him, but I could tell he was definitely using something.

He kept walking over to me, and why I didn't move, I'm still not sure.

"Umm…" I was quickly trying to recall how I used to handle a few of my drunk and drug induced friends. "…hey Junshin. Need to sit down or something?"

He giggled. Hm…giggling was something Tony had done a lot of when he was on shrooms….

All too suddenly I was cornered. Dead end hallway.

For a second there, I completely shut down from being caught by surprise. His mouth on mine, I found that I could faintly taste marijuana (ok ok, so we all know I'm tainted… no one's perfect and I only tried weed once, when I was 13), and something else I couldn't identify. Probably shrooms… (I'm a drifter, too many drugs will affect my reflexes, and so I never tried anything else)

Fuck! Kelby wasn't lying!!

I've kissed girls before (obviously), and I've even kissed dudes before (drunk and on a dare), but to be truthful, never both in the same day.

Maybe I would have thought this was cute if Kagai had been sober, but I doubted he had a clue of what he was doing.

His hand started to find it's way up my school uniform, and shoving him off of me, I shot down the hall like bullet.





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