He questioned God, and was punished.

He looked outside of society, and was shunned.

He dreamed of a world in which all men were equal, and was hated.

He thought life to be beautiful, and was remembered.


He saw more to life than simply be-ing.

He loved the world and the simple joys that came with it.

He challenged his fellow society.

He wanted more than the average life that was offered to him.


Changed the world around him by refusing to "go along".

Shaped the way we think today.

Took the path less traveled by.

Wandered where his heart led him.


Is apart of you and I.

Is why we think the way we do.

Is the reason why Walden still exists.

Is a man who was 150 years ahead of his time.


A/N: Well, that one came from no where. Thank you Jeff! I hope this doesn't seem to dreadful. I just want to show that I can also be serious at times. I hope you readers like it! Keep r/r!