Morbid and quite gruesome. My first horror poem! PG-13 just to be safe. My friends were slightly disturbed by this, and I want to know what you guys think! Please R/R. Thanks ^^


Here in this cold, dark room,

Blood dripping into my eyes,

That I could barely see

The bloodstained shards of glass around me.

My bruised body chained to the rotting wall,

I stand here waiting.

Only a speck of hope left in me.

I don't want to feel any longer.

I hung my head and listened

To the raging screams of others.

I am past all that.

As if my voice had run out.

The screams suddenly stop,

All sounds but the dripping of blood in the distance.

Then, footsteps.. Louder and louder.

The monsters led me out of my cell.

The time had come at last.

As I heard the blade of the guillotine

Begin to fall, I smiled.

Death, no, freedom, had finally come.