Knight in Shining Armor

By Dee

Author's Notes: Alright, everyone, I wrote this story years ago for one of my creative writing classes. I just hope you like it. I just recently found it again. Maybe later I'll write an extended version because originally it was meant to be a longer story, but my teacher wanted a one- page romance. Well, anyway, tell me what you think. Don't forget to review! Let me know it I should write a longer one.
They had known each other since they were children. They had grown up together. They had gotten in trouble together. They had played in the mud together.

They each had memories of themselves as children with the other there. She could remember pouncing on him, and both sprawled face first into the mud. He remembered the time they had begun wrestling and she had punched one of his baby teeth out. She recalled the day when he had cradled her as she sat crying on the ground, holding her twisted ankle. He remembered her with a serious face as she bandaged his skinned knee with a strip of her gown. She remembered her mother telling her not to play in the mud with her friend. He remembered his father embarrassed with him for playing with the neighbor's little girl. She remembered crying when he fostered out to his uncle's home to become a warrior. He remembered hearing that she had become a lady through letters.

Now, he was home. He had earned his way in life like a man was supposed to, as a knight. And now he could finally see her again. He could see her and what he had missed. It had been almost 10 years since they had last seen each other. And he had a promise to keep.

He stopped by the tree they had climbed together. And saw the carving he had done the day he had left. 'Jo and Brad' was carved into a heart, symbolizing the promise he wanted to fulfill.

He walked down the aged, but familiar path to his second home.

Brad knocked on the door to the keep he had run around as a child. A servant opened the door and peeked out, trying to keep the cold November wind from coming in. "May I help you?" The old, pleasant, wrinkled face frowned. She knew this man, but her memory was not as good as it used to be. Of course, neither was her sight.

"Mary?" Brad opened the door further to hug the old woman.

"Master Brad?" She rubbed her eyes, as a strong, tall man embraced her. "My goodness! Master Bradley! What have you been up to? You've grown so tall! Oh, Mistress Joanna will be so happy to see you!"

Brad pulled away from Jo's old nurse. "How is Jo? How are you, Mary?"

Mary smiled fondly. "Oh, I'm same as always sir. And the Mistress grows prettier every day. Come in Master." Mary let Brad in then called up the stairs. "Mistress, you have a visitor."

"Coming, Mary." Joanna's voice filtered down. She appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed in a dress made for a lady and gracefully floated down. She was a vision to him. He was stunned. She had become a woman while he was away. Joanna paused and looked down to catch the gaze of her visitor. She saw him standing there, and even though 10 long years had passed since she had last seen him, she knew in her heart who it was. "BRAD!" She shouted with joy and ran most unladylike down the stairs and flew into his arms. He crushed her with his hug and twirled her around before setting her down. "Brad, I've missed you so much. How are you? Why didn't you write? How long can you stay? Have you come home at last? Where were you?" Questions poured out as she babbled, just happy to be in his arms once again.

Brad grinned. "Slow down, Jo. I've only just returned. But if you let me, I'll stay as long as you like." Jo looked up at him, her gray eyes sparkling with tears. "I've come home to keep my promise. I love you, Jo. Will you keep that promise you gave me when I left? Will you marry me?"

Jo grinned and hugged him tighter. "Of course, Brad." Their lips met for the first time in ten years, as they shared one of many kisses. She pulled away. "I love you, too, Brad. You've always been my knight in shining armor."
An: Like I said, it's really short, and if I get enough people telling me to do it, I'll write a longer, better version.