Breakfast of Champions
By: ShinigamiForever

I. Luke

There is a familiarity in being alone that being with others destroys.
If one can't be expected to understand themselves,
it's too much to expect to understand someone else.
It's too much to expect to understand many someone elses.
It's easier just to keep yourself inside yourself,
This was the hedgehog's dilemma.
Is it better to be with others and hurt both them and myself
or is it better to keep within oneself, never making a change in the world,
but never hurting either?
It was one day that the hedgehog realized it is only proximity that causes the hurt.
This was the hedgehog's answer:
My friend, I would do anything for you except be near you.
I would give up anything for you except this vastness between us.
I would be everything for you except to be your constant companion, relinquishing this distance,
for in this suffocating nearness of friendship,
I find myself losing a grip on my reality.
There is no shame about suddenly realizing other people can hurt you.
A person's touch can be as sharp as salt on a wound, but without healing effects.
Even if nobody ever meant to do harm around here,
I have found intentions hardly effect the outcome of a situation.
It's enough to watch from a distance and love as one can love the mountains.
From afar, you can't feel how cold the blue of a mountaintop really is.
Similarly, from afar, I don't have to make myself face the intransigent defenses
you set up to face the world.
I only have to pretend I have your gratitude and be satisfied with such.
And in the estrangement of a fading passion endless as the sea,
no one can be a harbinger of dissent.