It's Not What You Think

By Goth-girl

(Caitlin, I had to write that name in for fictionpress's sake)

Chapter One, Jason's Creation

            Standing among the embers of the tamed fire, Jiji pulled the blue scrunchi out of her long clouding mass of light brown, sometimes red/blonde, but nonetheless beautiful curly hair.  She shook her head slowly, allowing it to blow in every which way.  The darkness of the night caused her face to become a mere, colorless shadow, with features that could not be identified.  For once, this was the way she wanted it. 

            Jiji was a reasonably tall girl with perfect shaping and features.  She wasn't anorexic, or starving herself to be skinny, but perfect, with quite developed curves in the right places, and bright blue-green, serious radiant eyes.  The young, immortal sorceress, who looked about twenty, had for quite a long time, assumed only she was awake.  But she was very wrong.  For in the midst of her fiery castle, a young boy, about seven years old lay awake.

            The boy had black hair that hung loosely, and untamed throughout his head.  His eyes were yet another astonishing sight.  They were an electric, radiant, ice-cold blue, a lighter shade than Jiji's.  From his immense, overpowering fear of Jiji, his creator, came an eerie, colorless expression, on his face, which he had had since about the time he was born.

            Jiji had created him, along with many other clones, about seven years ago.  She remembered when she had been in high school, the most popular girl in school, well, at least with the boys.  Eventually, she had discovered that some of her abilities were far from normal.  On her search for answers, she managed to come across a lovely cult.  A cult, which had sent four of its most powerful members on a mission to colonize some newly, discovered planets.  Armed with some supplies, and only the company of each other, plus all of the criminals, juvenile delinquents, homeless runaways, and recluses from Earth, they had the burden of using their new subjects, (the criminals,) as cloning material, to create an army strong enough to defeat all existing leadership.

            Although the original leader of their colonization group had no interest in cloning, Jiji had created her set anyway, and had two very good reasons, (in her opinion, which differed from most people's) to have done this.  First of all, they would most likely be ready to attack Teri, her rival, within a few years.  On top of that, they'd be old enough for her harem soon enough…

            What had seemed like an impossible homework assignment had turned into a revolutionary, breathtaking prospect.  Seven years ago, she, Jiji, had created about six hundred little boys in her lab!  And, better yet, Teri had no knowledge of this project.  She smiled.  One of her only interests, with the exception of her boyfriends, was her superiority.  Nothing could stop Jiji from trying to convince everyone that she was the best.  And nothing stopped everyone from believing her.

            Even to the people that Jiji ruled over, (basically five hundred of the hottest guys in the world, all of whom she was "with",) she never spoke of the project, the cult, or her hatred of Teri.  If she told her main boyfriend, Ricky, he would panic, just like the rest of them.  The minute you said the word, "clone," anywhere, everyone gasped in horror, and screamed like maniacs, shouting some sort of counter-curse to stop the evil within you, and insisting that you go to a psychologist, or a jail, to set your head straight.  Besides that, her boyfriend were, for the most part, too thick headed to understand what a clone was anyway.  What is wrong with people? Jiji wondered.  If we really weren't meant to clone, she continued to think, as she turned a loose curl around her finger, it wouldn't have been made possible!  Jiji did not believe in fate, unless she could use the word in her favor, which was a principle aspect of her character.  She also did not have much moral value in her life, because she definitely couldn't use morals in her favor.

            She laughed lightly, as she placed a stick in her fire.  Today, she hadn't asked anyone to join her while she created this fire, although she was usually accompanied during free time.  However, this was so important, that she had even cancelled appointments with all of her boys; at least for the few hours this would take her.  Distraction was the last thing that she needed when she was creating a curse.  It was quite simple, considering the many powers she possessed.  She would simply toss Male Entity Number Two B Sect 1, the most unruly clone, into the embers of the fire.  She thought he was the cuddliest, but the only problems were his state of seven-year-old hood, and the simple fact that he despised her.  Instead of burning to a crisp, the small boy would become even more perfect.  Well, perfect in the truly sick and twisted mind of Jiji, not to mention older…  Then, she could know if her plan really worked. 

            It was a horrible thing to do, and Jiji was well aware of the consequences.  However, was the victim aware?  Oh, yes.  Quite.  Jiji's absent-minded boyfriend, Ricky, had somehow found out that she was to curse this child, Number Two.  Any information in Ricky's mind, was gossip among the less fortunate guys, who did not have the privilege of "spending time" with Jiji.  Gossip had spread the way it always had.  Ricky would tell every guy Jiji was dating, causing huge gossip, and frequent visits from the Intergalaxial Weekly News Tabloid.  Next thing anyone knew, all of the new guys would call their less fortunate geek friends, who wouldn't know a date if it shoved them in a locker and stole their enormous glasses.  Then, those friends would blab to everyone, especially if it were news involving Jiji, because she was the key to instant popularity at school, since she was everything the loud, obnoxious, immature boys wanted in a girl.  Back to the point, unfortunately, everyone meant that word had gotten around to one of the only nurses, who truly cared about Number Two's well being.

            Number Two hadn't really understood what she meant by Jiji making him perfect.  He had already been designed to be superior in many ways, so the idea wasn't clear at the time.  When little Two had asked the nurse for clarification, she had only told him that Jiji was going to try to set him on fire, so that his young mind could understand the necessity of his escape.  If Jiji made even one tiny mistake on the curse, it could easily kill him.  Even worse consequences could follow if it did work.  Jiji would be able to use the treatment on all of the clones, and soon destroy Teri's planet, Jakias, not to mention Teri.  Although that may have seemed like a noble cause at the time, Teri's defeat would have left Jiji in charge of every person on Teri's insane planet, making it quite easy for Jiji to program Teri's army to fight for her, and take over Earth as well.