Chapter Three, Who's Teri?

            A woman with light brown hair, and blue eyes came to pick up Two, or someone like him.  The number really didn't matter to her.  "Are you okay?" she asked him, bending down to his size.

"My friend's stuck in there, and I'm out here and I've got no place to go," Two cried pitifully.  "I'm scared!"

"You don't need to be scared, you can come with me!  I know of a place you can come to," she said.  "It's safe!"

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers," Jason said weakly.

"My name is Jane Smith.  Therefore, I am no longer a stranger.  What's your name?" she asked him perkily.

"I'm Two," he said.  "Actually, it's Male Entity Number Two B Sect 1, but I don't like to remember all that."

"Oh, eh heh, right.  That's important for a…how old are you?" she asked.

"Seven," he announced proudly.  "Is Number Six goanna be okay?"

"Of course he is," Jane said.  "Why wouldn't he be?  Here, come with me.  I'll help you."

"Thanks," Two said, getting into her spaceship.  "You're nice!"

"No problem, Two," she said, getting into the driver's area. 

"Wee!" Two said, as she took off.  "Fun!  Can I listen to the radio?"

"Sure," she said, grimacing, as an Ashley song came on.  Ashley was a popular singer at the time. 

"How about this station?" Two asked, turning on a rock song.

"Okay," Jane groaned.  "That's fine."

In about an hour, Two began to realize that Jane was probably planning to leave Greenaroid, the planet they were on.  "Where are we going?" Two asked.  Then, he squealed with delight, using his seven-year-old logic.  "Are you an alien?"

"Um…yes!" she said, trying to amuse him.  "I come from another planet.  It's great there.  You'll like it!  And don't worry, we'll come back for Six!"

"Okay," Two said.

In a few moments, Two fell asleep.  It was a pity that he missed the beautiful essence of space, but it was best that he caught up on his sleep now, since he was too young to stay up this late. 

            A few hours later, his eyes slowly opened, and he sighed, as he had to let go of his sleep, and return to reality.  At first he was a bit frightened about waking up somewhere other than his bed, but then he remembered where he was, and calmed down.  He then realized that it was no longer dark and starry around him, but rather cloudy.  Actually, he was very high up in the clouds of another planet.  "Hey, Jane," Two said.

            "Yeah?" Jane asked him.

            "Is this your planet?" Two asked her.

            "Well, I don't own it, but yes, I live here," Jane said.

            The bystanders below had this to say about the ship. 

"What is it?" an old woman asked her granddaughter.  "Is it a comet?"

A woman yelled, "No, it's a bird!"

            "It's a plane," yelled a businessman.

            "No, it's not!  Actually, it's a diabolical model 5,000 Prementuran device aimed for the creation of a robot army with bionic limbs, and bizarre psychological mishaps," a comic book geek said.  "You'd know that too if you read Volume Six Hundred and Ninety Five of Genetically Altered Electromagnetic Man!"

            "Shut up, stoopid!" a jock yelled, shoving the geek out of his way.  "It's probably one of those blimp thingies with ads on 'em!"

            "I didn't hear about any spaceships going up recently," a girl said.  "Was there one?  Cool, where did it go?"

            "Myra, you never watch the news, that's why you didn't know," her informed friend said.  "But then again, I didn't hear about one going up either.  It's probably because of that horribly misinforming newspaper we get, that assumes we're all mindless, illiterate drones."

            "Speak English!" the jock shouted at her.

            "That's the clone, that Teri wanted," Myra said lamely.

            "Clone?" a boy asked.  "Dude!"

            "SWEET!" his equally intelligent friend shouted.

            An F.E., or an android with silvery blue-green hair, sliver eyes, and elf ears, that Teri had created for laboratory assistance stepped up.  "Clear the way, now.  Orders from Teri," she said impassively, expecting everyone to do that.

            Most people stepped aside, except for one woman.  "NO!!!!!!!!" the young woman screamed.

            Jane came out of the spaceship, carrying Two, who had returned to sleep under unnatural conditions.

            "But madam, Teri wants that little boy!  She has her reasons!" F.E. caught her breath, after having said something that she hadn't been forced to say, "And you know she'll kill anyone who gets in her way!!!"

             "I don't care if he's a clone, or where he comes from.  He's only a child.  Teri's life is completely dedicated to terrifying people into helping with her horrible, wretched plans, and if they don't prove themselves useful, they will be banished to the Darker Plane!  No one, I don't care what age deserves that!  Especially not this poor little boy!"

            "HOW dare you insult Teri?" a loyal man exclaimed.  Most people were loyal to Teri, because she had her ways of tracking down those who weren't.

            "Oh, no.  Teri has no intention of destroying this child.  She has plans far beyond that for him, do you not know?" Jane asked.

            "Do you really think that Teri ought to raise a child?  You are setting this boy, and any future family he may have for the Darker Plane, and you know that!   You people are so pathetically ignorant that you would die for Teri, merely because she tells you to, and seems to be in charge!  When are you going to learn to do what's right, just because you know it is?" the woman carped.

            "In any case, I am taking this child, and giving him to Teri!  That's it; now get out of my way!  Teri's going to help him!" Jane said; trying to figure out what was wrong with the woman.

 "NO!" the woman who was called Annie screamed.  She tried to grab Two away from Jane, but Jane was well ready for any possible dilemma.

Teri was pacing in her room.  "What the Darker Plane is taking that b*t*h so d**n long?  How hard can it be to find a dejected clone?  There must be thousands of them! What do I have to do to make people WORK?  What makes me feel like every person I hire is a completely incapable moron, or a ******* idiot without a life?" she screamed, exposing her rage, and throwing a chair across the room. 

In any case, Jane got a fiercer grip on Jason, and took a run toward Teri's castle.  She, herself, was also genetically designed, although her story was much different from Jason's.   Jane continued to run, far too quickly for Annie to keep up.  Then, she finally arrived at Teri's castle, and knocked on the door, relieved that her job was almost over.

"Who are you, and what is your business?" the F.E. who answered the door asked impassively.

"Hi," Jane said, almost out of breath.  "My name is Jane Smith, and I am here to deliver the clone Teri asked for.  I think he's Number Two.  She said…"

"Right this way," the F.E. led her.

Jane looked around nervously.  Part of her wondered what would happen to this child, but her harsh upbringing had denied her the right to feel guilt.  So, she decided that doing her job would excuse her from feeling emotions.  She would just do as she was told, and everything would be fine.  After all, Teri told her to do this, so it wasn't her fault anyway.  Besides, if everyone agreed with Teri, she had to be right, didn't she?  Deep breathes, Jane, she thought to herself.  Deeeep breathes. 

She continued to walk down the hallway, which was crowded with adult F.E.s who had completely made it into the drone category.  Jane had never wanted to be like them, but being a drone felt better than feeling guilty.  Now she definitely understood those impassive androids.  Maybe they knew her better than she knew herself.  Shut up, Jane, she thought.  You might die today, and all you care about is drones!

Jane and the F.E. finally arrived at the room in Teri's lab, where Teri was.  "Yes?" Teri asked, opening the door.

Jane looked at her.  "Uh, hi, I found the clone.  He's Number Two," she said uneasily, wanting very much to leave.  Jane's old boyfriend had dumped her; because she wasn't as pretty as Teri, although this was the first time that Jane had actually seen her.  Teri was quite attractive, and definitely frightening.  At that time, Teri wore her hair short.  Her short, black hair hung loosely across her face, and stopped halfway down her neck.  Her eye makeup was also totally prominent.  She didn't wear much eye shadow, just black mascara, and perfect black eyeliner.  She also had a dark red lipstick back then.  Unlike Jiji, Teri never tanned.  She stayed reasonably pale year-round, which was fine with most men on Jakias, because tans were quite uncommon there, considering how most people sat around inside being drones.  All they ever did was ramble on about Teri's earrings.  And Teri's black tank top, with the low v-neck.  Not to mention Teri's black flair pants, and Teri's black, velvety, high-heeled boots, mostly concealed by her flairs. 

"Just bring him in here," Teri said.  "How did you manage to get your hands on him?" she asked, urging Jane to come in, putting on some dark lipstick.  "Six Twenty Five, you can leave," she said to the F.E.

Jane sat down in one of the conference room chairs near Teri.  "Well, I landed my ship near the back entrance of the castle, since it was at night…and…he was um…outside!  He said that he and his friend Six were trying to escape, and…"

"I don't care about his friends!" Teri shouted.  "What are they to me?"

"Oh, I apologize, of course his friends are nothing to you, you're…much…better than ANYONE, but I mean…um…hi, uh…" Jane panicked.  "But I guess only he managed to escape, and he was already outside the castle when I found him."

"And weren't you fortunate that you didn't get caught, Jane," Teri grimaced.  "I suppose I won't kill you…today.  But I did hear about what you did last Saturday."

"Oh," Jane whimpered.  "I…"

"However, you did passably well on this, so I might let you live for at least another day," Teri said.

"What about my brother?" Jane pleaded.  "The live one?"

"I don't care about your brother!  Neither should you.  Just look out for yourself, emotional involvement never did anyone any good.  Now get out of here!" Teri said.

"Yes, Teri," Jane said, setting the sleeping child down on the chair she was getting out of.  "Bye, Two," she whispered under her breath.

            Little Two was just beginning to wake up, and he started to become frightened.  "Where am I?  Who are you?" he asked Teri.

            "You're on planet Jakias.  I'm Teri.  The dictator of this planet, meaning that I have complete control over the lives of every individual here.  Now, that would include yours, wouldn't it?"

"I…I don't know," Two whimpered.

"Now, tell me, Two, or whatever the Darker Plane your name is.  What do you know about Jiji?" she asked, glaring at him as she sat down next to him in the conference like room in her laboratory.

            "Um…" Two began.  "Well, she wanted to hurt me or something, so Six and I tried to run away, but she caught him.  I fell out the window or something.  I think Jiji's gross.  She dresses all weird and stuff."

            Teri rolled her eyes.  "Tell me something I don't know about that moronic b*t*h!"

            "Like what?" Two asked in confusion.

            "Like…you're a clone, am I correct?" Teri asked, with a bit less patience than she had in the beginning.

            Two nodded.  "Uh huh, that's what Jiji said."

            "First of all, how many of you are there?" she demanded.

            "I don't know," Two admitted.  "There are twenty in the room I stay in.  I hear there's more, but I don't know how many."

            "Okay," Teri said simply.  "Are you superior to ordinary people?"

Two shrugged.  "I don't know."

"I guess I'll have to find out then," Teri said, wanting to hit him for daring to be so stupid, and for having been created by such a horrid, foul person.  "And," she continued.  "Do you know what Jiji plans to do with you clones?"

"Well, Eleven said that she wants to use us for something weird," Two said in confusion.  "I think."

"No ******* way, gosh, you think?" Teri yelled.  "How stupid can you get, you pathetic little b*s*a*d?  D**n, could have fooled me!"

Two started to cry.  "I…I…I'm sorry!  I didn't mean to be stupid.  I'll try to be better!"

Teri rolled her eyes.  "No amount of trying can make up for pure idiocy."  Poor little Two was still crying, and Teri sighed.  "I suppose that's all I'm going to get out of you.  Just one more question and you can go to bed."

"Don't yell at me," Two whimpered.

"Who was your genetic basis?" Teri demanded.  "I mean, who were you cloned from?"

"I don't know," Two admitted.  "Jiji never told us."

"Very well," she rolled her eyes.  "I'll take you to the dorm area, but first I have to decide who to put you with…"

"T…Teri, please don't put me with someone mean," Two whimpered.  "At my old place, I had to sleep by Three, and he snores!  Real loud too, the kind that sounds like drilling through metal!  Then there was Eleven, who kept on screaming all night about Jiji!"

Teri groaned, and grabbed Jason by the wrist.  "Come with me."

"Where are we going?" Two asked, as he was being dragged through Teri's lab.

"You are going to shut up.  I am going to figure out what is wrong with the DNA I set up this morning, which came apart somehow!" Teri said, quickly losing what little patience she had.

"I…I'm sorry," Two said.

"All right," Teri sighed, when they arrived at the F.E. dorm area.  "This room has a spot.  You stay here," she said, opening the door to a cold looking prison cell, and shoving him in.  Then, she shut the door and locked it.  Luckily, his roommate was one of the nicer people on Jakias.  But he still couldn't help wondering what he was doing there, and what would happen to him.

A/N: Okay, I know it seems dark, but some good stuff does happen later on.  Thank you, if you've read up to here, I know it's long.