Astronomy's Lament

"oh this good death-
we had much of it to thank from
the sky and that damned
Copernicus who had
to have himself martyred for science
when very easily the

orbits could be erased
let earth be the center-of-things
for a while

no-one will know the difference. but now

every maddened astronomer
will stipulate in his will that
to remove a finger, have
it as a saintly remnant to displaced
of theoretical space-"

and they had much of the year
around them, to base off upon
the acidic crying of another face,
an elliptic blue planet, smacking
them in the face

with such damned equability
until their lips bled wildly

"oh such a good death we had of it too the
kind with automobiles and fancy camera
and the way cigarette smoke winds around your hand
after naming a new planet-"

and if science would lie back then some transcendent
horse-trainer will drop the whip. tighten the soapy bit.
and some of them can roll on their backs and rest in
peace far under the earth and away from non-
centrifugal pendulums