Daring Day of Reckoning

let's all drive very quickly-
and heave the abandon cats from the back seat-
upholstery is hard
to replace and all the adoption
agencies are closed

this morning-

a little locust cloud
is sign-language to the
every-man's moon- later

on. the five day forecast says nothing on the roads
and lets us drive somewhat fast
so that the policemen will have some-
thing to do with themselves besides read Donne's sermons

to unbaptized
postcards and cover up
the angry irish stigmata
on the backs
of their hands

dear god-
this is exactly
like every-
one said it may be. except the tollbooths will not take fifty dollar bills

and the
snagging sound of a
freight train while the
frivolous motor is
angrily stalled-

they do
not have preachers on corners
any longer at least not around here
moreso they are in churches
because the rain is afraid
of the thrushing marble kind
of evaporation-

and while speeding airily beside the tallest office buildings-
let us read Ecclesiastics, or the Letters to the Corinthians

"because the Bible
is the First True

and it is always nice when the speedometer cracks
into something like Russian