By:Andrew Troy Keller

Let me ask you people a simple question.
How you ever been given the chance to walk a mile in my shoes--literally?
Well,believe it or not,that was what had happened to David Sprocker,who had been given a chance to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.
You see,David was one of the many research scientists who had been stationed somewhere within the Alaskain wilderness,where they were about to study the Aurora Borialis.
But suddenly,an intergalactic spacecraft had crash-landed a feet away from the research station and catching David's scientific eye.
He and a fellow researcher,Sabrina Ross had gone over to the crash site to check it out.
After they had entered the spacecraft,the two researchers had their way to the bridge and
spotted a very interesting and sophisticated computer system.
And when they had activated the main computer,they had no idea that a hidden lazer gun
had raised up behind them.
And without warning,the lazer had fired,causing the two researchers to fall to the floor and
be unconscious.
A few minutes later,after he had gotten back on his feet,David had stumbled his way out of the spacecraft and looked at his reflection on the side of the ship,only to make the shocking discovery that he was no longer David Sprocker.
Instead,much to his horror,his mind had somehow been transfered into Sabrina's body and he must do something to reverse the process or be stuck inside Sabrina's body--forever.
Good luck,David Sprocker.