"A Flute in the Band"

I sit alone with my flute, my fingers

Drawing life out of nothing, out of Silence.

Each Note, a drop of gray crystal, spilling the

Music of my heart, my soul, into the air.

My lonely Song echoes around me –

But does anyone hear it?

Suddenly, the Music rises up!

The great Symphony is revealed,

A flurry of Notes weaving,

Binding us all together.

More Instruments than I'd ever imagined are playing,

High and low, loud and soft, but all playing their Hearts out,

The Beat thrumming through our veins. And –

Though I can only hear them – a small group of

Instruments, playing my own Theme in the back.

Far ahead, I can just make out the shape of the

Great Conductor, watching over us all,

Skillfully molding and patching our Parts

All together with a few simple waves

Of his Hands.

And listening to it all, I suddenly realize

– It's so simple!

Where my own flute Part,

My lonely flute Part,

Fits into that greater Piece.

The sound of the Band dies away again,

And I am left alone, with my flute.

Yet I play on, the Music still in my ears,

The Beat in my heart, in my soul. And I smile,

Knowing that – even if just for a moment –

I was a part of something big.