People and Life



Sitting here

Room filled with 30

Teachers chatting afar

Boys rappin about hoes and cars

Girls thinkin they're movie stars


Feeling lonely as hell


Life, people

People, life

Both of it

Are loads of shit

People, people

Can't be trusted

So-called friends stabbin you in the back

Family members treating you like crap


Girls with their many cliques

Talking about you like you ain't shit

Boys bragging about their big dicks

Trying to stick it in a pussy slit


Is it wonderful as it may seems

The earth populated with human beings

Hell no

Stealing killing raping hating

Can't do shit about it

No matter how hard you try

Life, people

People, life

There is the day we pay the ultimate price

We'll be helpless like trapped in frozen ice

Then you'll be sorry

For what you did

To that little kid

But you probably won't