"Pull the shades, Razor blades, You're so tragic, I hate you so, Love you more, I'm so elastic, The things you say, Games you play, Dirty magic's enough" - The Offspring, Dirty Magic

"Babe, what are you doing?" She looked up from the bed she had been sitting on, seeing his concerned face looking intently at her, worry evident in his eyes.

"Nothing" she replied, trying desperately not to sound guilty as she put her arm behind her back, slipped the blade into her back pocket and teased her sleeve down.

He moved from his position by the door, into the room "Babe?" he questioned again.

"What?" she replied rather more sharply then she had intended to, trying to keep the tears back that were fast building up in her eyes and threatening to over flow.

He moved to crouch down besides the bed; not wanting her to feel intimidated or scared by the fact that he was bigger than her. He reached out and touched her face gently, wiping the tears that had escaped her eyes away with his thumb. He cupped her chin and gently forced her to look into his eyes, "Babe, hunny, please can I see your arm?" hoping that she would prove him wrong in what he was thinking.

She sat there trying to avoid his eyes, and keep the tears back. He prompted her again "Babe, please show me" a few stray tears ran down her cheeks. He made a pointless attempt to wipe the tears away as they were soon replaced by new ones. He could see she was shaking as she placed her arm in her lap, as if waiting for him to look.

"No babe" she looked up at him, confused as he continued "I want you to trust me enough to show me yourself, not for me to have to look" She didn't even bother to hide the tears as she pulled up the sleeve and looked helplessly and guiltily into his eyes. He felt his heart break as he saw what he hoped he wouldn't. Her pale, smooth skin was covered in red nasty cuts. All still fresh and the deeper ones still bleeding.

She remained silent, except for the occasional sob that escaped her throat as he cleaned up her arm. As he was about to put antiseptic on the cuts, she reached out and grabbed his hands, entwining her fingers with his and squeezing hard. He rubbed the back of her hand in what he hoped was a soothing motion. When he'd finished cleaning her arm, he placed her hand back in her lap, and wrapped her arm tightly in a bandage. When he'd finished he sat up on his knees so he was more her height.

She couldn't hold back the tears anymore and started to violently cry, each sob shaking her body. He reached out and stroked the side of her face softly with his fingertips, before enveloping her in his arms, holding her tightly as she fisted his shirt in her hands as if she was holding on for dear life.

She rested her forehead on his shoulders and he rubbed her back trying to calm her down. He sat there and let her cry until she had no more tears left.