I silently sat down beside my companion, hands drawn up to place my violin upon my shoulder. My senses felt heady at the scent of the rich fine wood intoxicating me. The dimness of the room we were in was not disturbing, merely veiling the tensions of practice present in the air. Then with his signal we began, our bows sliding simultaneously on the strings of our violins.

Music. The violin. It is my life. Our life. It is the very soul of my twin brother and me. With each movement of the sonata I faithfully mirrored my brother's actions creating a stirring sound that was enjoyed by our patrons. The piece is certainly our favorite, made for the duet of stringed instruments. Two separate violins singing the same song, having the same spirit, brother said it was a symbolism of what we really are. Though we are kept in different bodies, in essence, we are but one.

Unlike other twins our similarities stretched not only in our physical attributes but also extended towards our thinking and personality. Sometimes I get scared too, we are so much alike in many ways that people begin to regard us as one person; each half ceasing to exist without the other.

And that was what happened most of our life. We always do things together. We are inseparable. Life became more like our favorite sonata, a piece that cannot be performed when we are incomplete.

"Do you believe in the myth that twins were originally a soul halved in the process of transmigration?" he asked one time as we both faced the mirror, encasing me protectively in one of his arms. I did not answer him and simply stared at our reflection. We looked hauntingly similar, only I wear clothes different from his being a girl. I laughed at the features identical to mine as it pouted at my nonchalance. He can be so serious sometimes. "Well, I do. I also believe that every person is born with a twin, a complementary star. Only people call it by some other name, their soul mate." I willingly leant back into his embrace and joked about being stuck with his horrible cooking for eternity. In return he smiled towards my reflection. "We don't have an eternity but as long as were together there is nothing to worry about." 

Our bows relentlessly kept up with the increasing tempo as the shadows of the night weaved in and out of our moonlit room. We were nearing the peak of the symphony, fingers straining to play the correct chords. At first the sounds produced were the usual, perfect in pitch and timing until there came a point when my keen ears caught a slight difference in the music. The melody was still the same, I was doing great but brother did something that changed the music drastically. He played a variation of the duet, in danger of veering away from the original. My bow faltered in motion to cast a fleeting glance at my twin's silhouette. He noticed that I had stopped playing and set his violin down too.

"Why did you stop?" The thoughts that had been troubling my mind for the past few weeks struggled to surface. No, I couldn't tell him that I knew...  'You're thinking about her again, aren't you?!' I wanted to say accusingly at him but I settled for less. "Is there anything wrong? You played a little differently today." My ears refused to hear his explanations. He's lying. I know what you're really thinking, brother. I can feel your emotions. Didn't you say we were a soul unintentionally separated?

The week progressed and the day for our performance drew nearer. Yet the chasm between us grew farther apart. He was changing, right there in front of me and through that girl. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror again today and saw the image of my brother. With my hand laid flat on its reflective surface I tried to hold back my tears in front of him. We are the only ones left in this world. How can you survive without me, brother, knowing that I can't survive without you? How can you be happy while your other self feels sad? I wouldn't be able to live without you. And you wouldn't be able to live without me. We needed each other. In the past that was our reality but now you have found what you were looking for, you have found your lost twin... It really is unfair...

It was the last day of our practice and as usual we cooped ourselves up in our dim room that was sparingly furnished. One of the more prominent furniture inside was a full body size mirror. We played for a while, neither saying a word for what seemed like an eternity. I had to do something to make him return to me so it was I who broke the ice with him. My mouth blurted out that I knew about her and he abruptly stopped to listen. He apologized for not telling me so soon. "We are getting married." He said after explaining all the details. I did not react for a moment, in the back of my mind I knew all must come to this. My legs propelled me in front of the mirror, gazing through its depths.      

"Are you mad at me?" An identical face came into view as my twin approached me from behind. I shook my head. "Are you afraid?" "I fear nothing." A concerned arm draped itself on my shoulders. "You are afraid of losing me." My hand reached out for his face. "No... I'm afraid of being left behind." "I won't go anywhere." At this I turned around to face him, my eyes pleading for his reassurance. "I will not leave you, promise." He embraced me and I held onto him. The moonbeams leaked into the room, casting an ethereal light upon the mirror, which showed a picture of us embracing with violins in hand -the twin stars, the Gemini. A free hand reached out blindly for something I had unconsciously picked up earlier.

"Even if you do I wouldn't let you." I said as he went after my hand. But he was too late. The blood splattered on the mirror and on my precious violin... his blood. His eyes widened in surprise and shock, his lips uttering my name before he hung limply in my arms, his violin thudding loudly as it hit the floor. This is the only way. This is the only way I know to make sure you return to me. There can only be one in this world. The time had come to join the two halves.

 I stood before the mirror, blood stains evident in my reflection. My dead brother's blood that gushed endlessly quickly created a small pool at my feet. No, he's not dead. He's right here before me, sleeping inside my likeness. A finger traced the lines on my face then the lines of my twin's in the mirror. You are bound to me as I am to you. No one can have either of us. We were born together and we'll always be together... forever.