silence is
no television
no microwave
no radio
no electricty
Silence, bordom is
having to wake yourself up by banging a pot
on your head
the gentle humm of the microwave
doesn't exisist in this world

Silence, is waking up everymorning
at 8:00 am, and wanting to go back to sleep
just so you don't have to spend the rest of the day
in silence.

Silence is rain drumming on the roof
and boredom is near by
when you count how many drops have hit the tin

when you fall asleep like an old lady
Silence and boredom
are the same.

Boredom is
when you actually sucome to your aunt
asking you to play jin
when you know all card games that
people over and under 69 play
When your main thrill of the summer is going into town
to by cabbage.

This is my summer

What is yours?