{I wrote this story when I had a very strange dream of me being in a place just like a fairy tale. I'll try to describe it as best as I could.}

Where am I...?" "Where am I, am I dead..." " What is this feeling...?"

" Aaarrrgghhh!" screamed Priscilla. Pulling her hands free from the roots of the trees. She rubbed her hands; the bruises on her hands concern her. Though that she could not see clearly yet, she fears the worst. Like a blind person she moves around by wading through the darkness. Then suddenly somebody stopped her.

" Shh! Stop moving... You'll hurt yourself more, relax." Soothed someone in a calm voice. Priscilla opened her eyes slowly, immediately closed as the light blinded her. She then tried to adjust to the light and from the blurred images, she saw a boy sat beside her. She tried to sit, but a sudden pain in the back of her head made her dropped her back flat onto the ground. The boy giggled but he helped her sat upright. She then rubbed her eyes with her shirt, clearing it from the dust. Finally she calmed as she became aware that there is nothing to be afraid of.

"Ouch, oh my head!" Priscilla hold her head, she cannot recall back what on earth that had happen to her. Turning to the boy she asked, " Where am I?"

"If I told you, you would not believe me," answered the boy. "Please, I need to know," begged Priscilla still holding the back of her head, rubbing it in hope that the pain would ease away.

"Well you are in Xirvalax," said the boy with a smile on his face. "Xir... Ta...what, where?" Priscilla sat up puzzled. She has not heard of any place called Xirvalax in France. She was in Chaeteroux cycling towards her friends' house to finish some schoolwork; and there is where she could only remember. It is possible that she could have fallen into a ditch hit her head on something hard.

"Look before you," the boy said. What Priscilla saw was the beyond her wildest dream. She closed her; hoping that this is some kind of a dream. Still hoping, her memory began to betray her.

"Lights. yes, I saw some kind of light in front of me before I passed out. I was trying to avoid it; I swerved to the left. and there it was. a door" not sure of herself she took a deep breath and began to relax. The boy realized that she has calm down and he got up to his feet. Pointing to the South, he held out his hand.

"Come we must leave this place, my brother can help you find the way out," finish said that the boy pulled Priscilla up with just a single pull. Priscilla can see the surroundings clearly now, as the colour of the sky was light green and the cloud was like near to the ground; she could almost jump and grab it. Strangely the daylight was not as bright even though three suns supplied it, and beyond the clouds she can see planets in the sky; just like in a science fiction movie.

They were on some kind of oasis, as the boy led her along the brick road. She noticed something peculiar about that place. It looks like a place in one of those fairy tales stories she used to read to her little brother at night. The brick road seems endless as they walk for a long time; she felt that she had not broke a sweat even though for the time had pass and the sun began to descend towards the horizon.

"How strange!" she thought; her mind couldn't make up how she ever got there.

She was totally amazed. As the little boy lead her through the some what maze - like forest, they came across some weird creatures. She was shocked to see a phoenix rose from a fiery ash, cheerful fairies dances among the flowers and she had to drop down when a griffin swooped above. Then they arrived to a little bridge, the water below was milky in colour; she could smell the vanilla flavoured water. Across the appetizing river they came to a small cottage.

On top of the door, there was a writing that Priscilla had never seen before. Neither was it Arabic nor the Chinese writing; skilfully crafted into the golden wood. The handle had a figure of a golden unicorn; she tried to touch it but shocked to see that it moved as if she is not allowed to open the door.

"Be careful," whispered the boy. "Strangers who last tried to open it never got back his fingers, it's the unicorn" The little boy knocked on the door. A man came out; he welcomed both of them in.

"Another lost from the other land," he sighed.

"The world is now near the end of time, the power of 'Wall of Differences' began to diminished, the other realms will start to collide with one another; then it'll crumbled just before the great DESTRUCTION!" he mumbled on. He shook his head, as if a great burden lies upon his shoulders.

Priscilla heard it with fear in her heart, as she finally understood what had really happened to her all along. She couldn't shake off the feeling of being trap, useless and hopeless.

"Nothing to fear my child, you will be safe. Hopefully once you're back home all you felt, seen, tasted and touched will no longer in you memory. Come I'll return you home," he guided her to a small door. Inside she saw a glass set on top of an altar with candle burning in blue flames all around it. She smells the scent of jasmine; just as the jasmine patch at the backyard of her house.

The man pulls her hand and laid in onto the shining glass ball, she felt a jolt of electricity through body. A portal appeared before her; just like a door she have seen before with its green handle draped with a ray of rainbow. "Finally I could return home."

She turns to the man and asked, "What will happened to others that came here?" "Most are not as lucky as you," he smiled. "Go before it is too late," he pointed to the door "Thank you, for saving me," she said as she walked trough the door. "May I know what will to us when the TIME comes?" she asked the final question.

And in one breath the man yell, "Believe me my child, I do not have the answer. Only time can tell!"