America was settled by the Mayflower,

Many years ago,

For the Pilgrims disliked those in power,

And they had to go.

Now, it took a while, but it was done,

Laws were made, wars were won,

America became its very own nation,

Subject by its people to adoration,

For its principles of freedom, acceptance, and liberty,

All that good stuff in equality.

Many years have passed since then, many things have been redone,

But there are still battles fought and wars to be won.

There was a war for civil rights,

Between all people,

Be they blacks or whites,

To pray beneath one God and steeple.

That war was long even after it finished,

It went on years,

And then it diminished,

Calming our fears.

Less years have passed but those times are through,

It's a safer home for me and for you.

Everyone thinks racism is gone away,

Do you believe it's here today?

I love my country, just like you,

My heart beats for the red, white, and blue,

Yet since I live in the United States,

Many people close mental gates

To my loving my country,

They allow me not to be free.

People call me a traitor and more,

Especially now since they may start a war.

Why, you ask, do these people hate me?

May I not love my country?

No, many people say I may not.

My country, they say, can just go and rot.

My red, white, and blue are not stripes and stars,

Great Britain, to them, may as well be Mars.

The rest of world sees Americans not well,

I never told them "Go to hell",

I only said I was not one,

And many people came undone.

I live here, yes, but am a Brit,

So many begrudge me the space where I sit.

They call me unworthy of living in their land,

As if it were some holy sand.

Why, I ask, am I not free?

America is no land of liberty.


This poem was written when I had been discriminated against because I live in America but am a Brit. It is not meant to offend anyone, and I'm sorry if it did.