This is a poem that tells a story. This is a story that belongs to a poem.


Empty eyed, you say goodbye, they tell you sorry I can't cry.

Born to black, you earned it back, under the knife and still you survived.

Then the first ring, second third ring, no one remembers any more.

Fifth ring, it's snowing, and the tree out side is bending, is breaking

But the tree it still held strong, carried on, fever ended and is gone.

Eleven rings strong, tree is starting to hold up against the snow

Bark is chipping, leaves are falling, and suddenly the trees had gone taboo.

Protective rings, twelve of them now, fighting back against the snow

Maybe nature, but the school sure ain't natural then.

Then one day this tree, it's gone, twelve rings thick and standing tough

But the tree for you had left with all the rest.

Thirteen rings now don the tree, but all you have is cacti.

Prickly, spiky, brand new haircut, flora's matching with the fauna now.

Seventeen, a losing dream, something happens sends you back through time.

Tree is back now, growing tall with a new one planted near, and that's lucky, too:

Blizzard's coming through.

It looks as though this might be it, the year it buckles.

Every morning, wake up early, wait for the fog to go away.

Tree still stands there every day, its usual way.

Blizzard passes, tree wins out, strong as a pillar of stone.

No more blizzards, hardly even enough snow comes now to close the school.

Everything works out for the better, even if a few saplings died blizzard year

And in the rainstorm lightning killed six older pines.

Then two more rings don the tree

Suddenly it is a literal pillar and keeps the house from toppling

The tree nearby is burdened with more snow than it can bear

The second tree gets out of there.

Nothing troubles the tree ever again, it dominates the land.

Things are scared, at first, but a grey squirrel builds a nest

Then some blubirds come, and even a raven and mourning dove.

Sixteen species of beetle live in the tree.

But now you're gone after so much carrying on

There is an audible sigh, the tree gives a groan.

Suddenly the house collapses to the ground.