Deidre Mayfair


By no means is this my best work, for I am not and will never find the time to be a full-time writer. My writing skills leave much to be desired, having been limited to eighth-grade capabilities. Criticize if you shall, weak points proliferate in this less than amusing, less than original plot that has been dashing back and forth the confines of my cranial cavity since last April.

I am not at all a fan of short chapters, but to decrease confusion from the changes of view points and ensure readability, whenever the story changes view points, a new chapter is created. This will mean that the chapters will be irregular in concerns of length, but this would also ensure faster updates.

What is the plot? Basically, a rather mentally unbalanced character, Locke, is attempting to expunge her unhealthy obsession of a deviously handsome fellow named Seth, who in turn, coaxed into a bet by the trickster Isaac and satiating his hunger for cruelty, toys with her. In time, he places her on "the shelf", his collection of "dolls" which he remains in frequent contact with.

Locke, on the other hand, angered by being degraded into nothing but a mass produced doll in his eyes, strives to make her own shelf. With her cunning wit, soon she also has toys on her shelf. But conflicts arise from the consequences, of course. Poor, poor Locke.

Shall we begin the beguine?