002 – night shadows

Kei has been waiting in the library for twenty minutes now and his patience is getting thinner and thinner. 'Where the heck is Miro?!' Kei thought through gritted teeth. And as if on cue, Miro entered their section in the library.

"G-gomen *pant* I-I... We had an *pant* *pant* emergency meeting concerning the final practice before the competition," Miro explained as he took a seat across Kei. It has been a month since their first review class. Kei's irritation faded as he saw how Miro must have ran to reach the library on time.

"It's okay, I didn't really waited that long," Kei said calmly. 'But I'm twenty minutes late,' Miro thought to himself but didn't voiced it out. He's thankful that his tutor wasn't mad. Good thing Kei has a long patience.

After another twenty minutes, he didn't think that he has a long patience anymore.

Kei has been giving Miro the same problems and he was still having a hard time. He kept on forgetting the important theorems. 'I think he's too tired to have our review for today,' the crimson haired thought. He sighed and Miro looked up at him. He knew nothing would happen even if he insisted to finish their review.

"You look really tired. Maybe it's better if we just continue this tomorrow, ne?" the longhaired boy said. No matter how Miro tried to hide the tiredness that he must be feeling, his eyes gave it all away.

"You're dismissing me already?! But it's still early... and I'm still not finish with problem number five and..." Miro trailed off as Kei unexpectedly leaned closer and brushed Miro's bangs from his face. "I'm not blind Miro-kun. You're tired. Get some rest." Miro just nodded, too lost for words. Wait, is this really Kei?! "Have you eaten yet?" Kei asked. Miro simply looked at him, not hearing the question. "Lunch. Have you eaten your lunch already?" Kei asked again. This time, Miro gave him a 'no.'

"Let's go then," Kei said as he packed their books in the bag. 'He's taking me to lunch???' Miro thought as he followed Kei outside the library.

Kei hopped in his motorcycle and looked at Miro who's still gawking at the bike. "We're going to ride in that?!" Miro asked, still aghast. "No, I just brought this to display it *sarcasm*... OF COURSE WE'RE GONNA RIDE IT!" the red head said.

Miro approached him slowly and sat at the back of Kei [where else?] "A-ano... I'm not really used in riding this things..." Miro said. "Better hold on to me instead of holding on the back seat then," Kei casually said as he started the motor. They rode the bike 'til they reached xynthe. Kei chuckled as he remembered how Miro clung to him for dear life. The boy was so scared!

They sat on the corner table [again] and ordered for their food. Miro was scribbling on the table again when a raven-haired guy approached them. "Hey there Kei!" The guy said as he took a seat beside Miro.

"Krauss," Kei simply acknowledged. "It's been a while, I haven't seen you since the party," The guy named Krauss said.

Miro decided to sit beside Kei instead of the Krauss guy. Then he just continued his scribbling but kept on listening to the two friends since he can't relate. "So, when can you meet Kaiden? She's really looking forward on meeting you. And besides, it's been a long time since—"

"I already have someone," Kei said as he placed his arm on Miro's shoulder. Miro looked up at him thoroughly confused. He knew what Kei was implying; he's not naive. He was about to protest when Kei tightened his grip on Miro's shoulder, causing a little pain. That shut him up.

"Krauss, this is Kurosaki Miro. Miro, this is Krauss, a friend of mine," Kei said. "It's nice to meet you, Kurosaki-kun," the raven-haired said. "Well then, I should be going now. I'll just inform Kaiden that you're not interested. Oh, and before I forgot, here," Krauss handed the red head a card. A membership card, "the gang's gonna party at night shadows tonight. Bring Kurosaki-kun with ya so he can also meet the others, well then, ja!" Krauss said as he headed back to the table where a white-haired boy sat.

"So, we're a couple now?!" Miro asked as soon as he was sure that Krauss was already out of earshot. "No, of course not," Kei answered. "I'm sorry for doing that without telling you first. It's just that... I'm so tired of them trying to find a partner for me when I'm not really interested," the green-eyed boy explained.

"Then why don't you just tell them you don't want to have someone yet," Miro asked. He looked up as he heard Kei laughed humorlessly. "I tried that already but they kept on insisting," he answered. "It's okay if you don't like the idea. I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable. I'll tell them the truth that we're not really together later tonight, alright?" Kei said.

Miro looked at Kei and sighed. "No, I think, I think it's okay..." Miro started while Kei gave him a confused look. "I mean, I'll play along. I do owe you a lot for tutoring me," Miro finished.

"You will?!" Kei asked smiling ear to ear and caused Miro to smile back. "I mean, you don't really have to if you don't really want to. I don't want to force you or anything—" Kei rambled as he tried to gain his composure.

"Really, it's okay," Miro said simply as the waitress arrived with their food. "Thank you," Kei said and they started to eat their lunch.

After eating lunch, Kei insisted to buy Miro clothes for tonight. "WhhhhyyyYyy??? My clothes seems fine!" Miro argued but Kei just chuckled and headed for his favorite clubbing shops.

"N-NO! No way I'm gonna wear this in public!" Miro said in an incredulous tone. Kei made him fit a pair of tight leather pants and a black sleeveless top that has a silver cross print in the back. The top also fits his body like second skin. He wore black boots with silver buckles and a silver cuff-like bracelet on his left arm.

"We'll take it," Kei said as he shoved Miro to the dressing room to change.

After shopping, Kei brought the shorter smokey-eyed boy in his small apartment. "Get some rest and I'll come back by nine thirty, ne?" Kei asked. "Nine thirty? A-ano... " Miro trailed off as he suddenly thought about how he's gonna go back home.

"Don't worry, I won't abandon you. I'll bring you back home after," Kei said as if reading his thoughts and worries. Miro nodded and gave his thanks for the clothes and the ride back home. "Okay then. Ja!"

"Ja!" Kei replied as his bike roared and he soon drove off. Miro then went to the stairs and went to the third floor. The apartment has only four floors so there wasn't any elevator. As he approached his door, he began to search for his keys in his pockets.

Unfortunately, the keys were unfound and he then realized that he must have left it in his locker back at school. Miro groaned in frustration. He left it because he was in such a hurry. He pulled out his cellphone, which was thankfully in his back pocket and dialed the one person that's always there to help him out of his stupid problems.

"Hello? Kla!"


"Yeah, it's me... look, I kinda left my keys in school. Are you home?"


"Yatta! Meet me in my door step?"


"Yep, I ain't going anywhere yet."


"'Kay, I'll wait for you here, in front of my door."

Miro kept his phone in his back pocket as he sat by his door.

Ouna Klariz, Kla for short, has been his friend since he transferred in the apartment. She lives on the fourth floor of the apartment. If there were really such thing as a best friend, Kla would be Miro's best buddy. After a few minutes, a girl with brown tresses aqua eyes came into view. She was wearing shorts and a light blue baby-t and had her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

"So you left your keys again," Kla stated as she approached Miro who just nodded back in answer. He seems to do that a lot today. [nodding] "What would you ever do without me?" Kla replied with a smile as she handed the spare key to Miro.

They entered the apartment and Miro headed in the kitchenette to make some juice. He came back to the living room where Kla is surfing the channels. When she decided that there's nothing really good on tv, she shut it off.

"So, how's summer? You've got a lot of updating to do. I haven't heard from you since the school ended. It seems that you've been very busy," the petite girl said. And so, Miro told her everything. From the tutoring sessions, upcoming dance competition, about Sakuma Keishiro 'til what happened earlier today.

"So you're dating this Sakuma *guy*?!" Kla exclaimed, eyes sparkling. "No silly! I told you it's all pretend. I'm just helping him out," Miro replied, his face having a pink hue.

Kla knew that Miro swings both ways and she doesn't really mind. She even loves to tease Miro to no end.

"SuuUure... you're just 'helping him out'," Kla said in a sarcastic tone. Miro sighed and Kla just gave him a laugh.

After a few minutes more, Kla decided to go back home. She waved at Miro, told him 'good luck' and reminded him to tell her the details of their "date". Miro smiled at his dearest friend as he closed the door and went to the bedroom.

It's still five twenty. He set the clock to eight o'clock so that he'll have a lot of time to prepare for later. With that done, he was welcomed by the soft comfort of his beloved bed and within minutes, sleep already claimed him.



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