Notes: I'v been told I should make a song out of this, or at least have it read out loud, to not confuse the lines of the two players. Only problem is, I suck at both. ;)

Give in to me

In a lonely bed, in a lonely room
In the bloody light of Inverse Full Moon
A silent sigh of haunted dreams
Is barely heard
The clock strikes third
And drowns the sounds as Reality reams

Fog swirls
Dancers twirl
Within drops
Like soft sobs
And I see
In wet sheets
Open Thy head
Open Thy bed
Give in to me...

"Dark, there is dark,
I hear demons call upon me.
Such allure, sweet allure,
Honey-tongue that won me.

"Dreams, in dreams,
I hear them each night..."

From dust
Rise in lust
Without sight
Without fight
Give in to me...

"Night, silent night,
How your memories haunt me,
And ghosts, cruel ghosts,
How they eagerly flaunt me."

Thou'rt sweet
Thou'rt heat
For dark souls
By nature cold
And the Light
Bless the night
Shut the glow
Look below
Give in to me...

"Now I lay me down to sleep,"

Now lay Thyself, but not for sleep...

"I pray the Lord my soul to keep,"

For Thy soul the Lord shall weep...

"And if I die before I wake,"

Thy soul shall ache, Thy soul shall quake...

"I pray the Lord my soul to take."

The Lord shan't fight for just Thy sake...

"Aid me, Lord."

Thou'rt alone
On Thy own

"You lure me to sin..."

Sin is for other people

"You lure me to sin!"

Sweet sin
Give in

"Sweet sin?"

Give in!

"What lies beyond
The darkness--"

No bonds!

"You deceive me..."

Believe me!
Give in

"Give in..."

Give in

"Give in..."

Give in to me...