Disclaimer: mine, all mine. Though of course, if you have ever been in these scenarios, I most certainly hold no claim to your life...

~~Scenario 1: the classic~~

AN: this is not possible at the moment, seeing as Private Lives has been off Broadway for quite some time now....therefore, I do not suggest you try this.

**setting-side door where Alan comes out**

Alan walks out the door, right into a crowd of adoring female (and perhaps a few male as well) fans, who all want his autograph...

(insert your name here), are dressed in a sexy short black dress, almost, if not exactly, identical to the In Demand dress. Including the heels. You walk up to him, sexily (of course ;p)

YOU: May I have your autograph, Mr. Rickman? eye him sexily, biting lip in a VERY suggestive manner

AR: looks up, sees dress, sees sexy looks, swallows convulsively, breaks out in a teensy sweat Of course, my dear. whips out pen And who shall I make it out to?

YOU: Oh, _________ (insert your name here).

AR: Ah, right then, Miss ___. writes some generic autograph message...but, impulsively draws a heart instead of 'from'

YOU: And, err, if you don't mind me asking licks lips in an innocent manner, bites lip "nervously"...there's something that I...that I've always wanted to do...

AR: looks up, surprised Yes?

YOU: Umm....I've always...I've always wanted...to-to kiss you....blushes slightly

AR: Oh indeed? smirks in that drop dead sexy way of his And just where would this kiss take place?

YOU: Err, on your face?

AR: Indeed...carry on then waves hand dismissively, giving permission, trying to hide the fact that he rather wants this

YOU come closer and give his cheek a SERIOUS snog that includes your tongue RATHER much, and slowly...your mouth moves closer to his lips...which he does not deny you access to

**five minutes later** (AN: well, this IS a fantasy, right?)

AR: looks deeply into your eyes I say...that was most probably the best snog I have ever had...

YOU "blush"

AR: where do you live? Is there any way I can contact you for further...*ahem* involvement?

YOU: Oh, I'm staying at the _____(insert name of hotel) in room number ________(insert number)...would it be possible for you to come there tonight?

AR: busily jots down hotel and room number Yes indeed...shall we say...nine o'clock?

YOU: Yes, of course give him suggestive wink I'll be waiting in the meantime, Mr. Rickman

AR: smirks sexily back Call me Alan

**9:00 that night**

knocking at the room door

YOU: dressed in ice blue, silk lingerie Coming!! opens door to find AR there Oh! Hello!

AR: holding a bouquet of red roses Hello, Miss ______(insert name here)...you look...eyes lingerie stunning

YOU: blushes Oh, I'm sorry...I was just about to change into something...more appropriate...is this fine with you?

AR: Of course.

YOU: Do come in...

AR enters room, carefully shutting the door, hands YOU roses

AR: These are for you...though they do not compare to your beauty...

YOU: blush, secretly not gagging at the Jane Austen-ish pickup line Oh! Thank you! How wonderful! takes roses, sniffs them delicately and lays them on the bedside table Would you like to order room service? It would be so much easier than going out and trying to find a place to eat...

AR: smiles, rather suggestively Room service would be fine.

YOU: blush even more at the suggestive grin O-OK. reach for the room service menu Is there anything you w-would prefer? (an: no overdoing the stutter thingie...just enough to be girlish, but not so much as to seem speech impaired)

AR comes over behind you, presses close, and puts hands (an: LOVE THOSE HANDS!!) on YOUR bent elbows. AR peers over YOUR shoulder

AR: Well, what have they got?

YOU: "blushing" again at the close contact W-well, I suppose the seafood pasta sounds rather nice...I do enjoy a white wine sauce. (an: has anyone else ever noticed that seafood pasta in a white win cream sauce is ALWAYS on the room service menu of a hotel?)

AR: Indeed. removes hands from elbows and traces them up to YOUR neck Are you all right? You seem rather...tense. starts to lightly massage YOUR shoulders

YOU: giggles and squirm away, turns around Oh please...I'm RATHER ticklish...

AR: smirks at YOU Oh really?

YOU: Yes. realization "dawns" on you Oh god.

AR tackles you onto the bed, which you conveniently had positioned yourself by...and *ahem* tickles you ferociously

~~~End of Scenario~~~

AN: I'll let your mind think up the *ahem* rest of this fic...you should let yourself turn it out the way you want it to turn out...;p