A/N: I don't normally write author's notes, preferring to leave interpretation up to the reader, but I wanted to say something briefly about this one... This poem is fairly unique from my others. The idea for it began after I saw the old Barbra Streisand movie "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" (an excellent movie, by the way! Don't give up on it before the end...the second half is WONDERFUL!). The poem was supposed to be quite different from the basis line of the movie, except for one minor aspect, but that was where the idea originated. After I wrote the poem (or, to say, many drafts of the poem, which took me through all of math, science, and core class), I sat reading it, and realized that there was something in it which had been completely unintentional which related to my own life. They say that if you look back upon abstract arts, you can often tell many things which were going on in your mind at the time of painting it which hadn't occurred to you. It's the same for poetry. So, here's my poem. It's rather choppy, but I wanted it that way.

I still leave the final interpretation to you.


I fell in love with your past last night

As your future held the door;

And as your present loomed asleep,

I serenaded your ghost.

And as I held on tight to she I never knew-

And to she who's existence may never have been-

And as I held on tight to the faded image of long ago,

A wandering breeze snuck in, unseen.

And the wind was the spy

Who gave us away

To the sea, to the sky,

To the moon and the stars...

Until everybody knew our story.

I fell in love with your past last night,

But your present caught us in the act,

And your past disappeared,

And I was alone.

And you had never existed.