By:Andrew Troy Keller

George Kirby had came to Rome,Italy to search for any evidence of the exsistence of the Olympian Gods.
He had looked all over the various landmarks,but with very little success.
Just then,a young redish-blonde beauty had walked up to George and asked,"Can I help you with something?"
"As a matter of fact,yes.",answered a smiling George."You see,I'm doing some research on Roman Mythology and I'm looking for some actual signs of the Olympian Gods."
"Oh,I know where you'll be able to find such signs.",said the beautiful stranger."And I'll be willing to take you there myself."
Then,after a short pause,George said,"Okay,then.Lead the way."
And with that,both George and the stranger had hailed a bus,which had took them out of the city of Rome and towards a place that was on top of a fog-covered mountain.
As soon as they had reached the top,George had turned towards the stranger and said,"Before we go any further,please tell me who you are."
"May I ask whatever for?",asked the confused stranger.
"Well,it's quite simple.",answered George,after he had let out a small giggle."The news media might want to know the name of the one who had helped me prove the exsistence of the Olympian Gods."
And then,after a short pause,the stranger had smiled and said,"My name is Diana."
A second later,both George and Diana had entered the centuries-old building.
After they had set foot inside the place,Diana had started dancing around,like she was happy to be there.
"May I ask,Diana,what are you doing?",asked a confused George.
"I shall dance the dance of happiness,George.",answered a smiling Diana."For we are inside my home,that is Mount Olympus."
And then,before he was about to brand her as some sort of nut,something had happened that made George think otherwise.
The other eleven Olympian Gods had appeared right before George's eyes.
"Welcome back to Olympus,fair Artemis!",said Zeus,father of the Gods."Welcome home,my daughter."
"I'm so pleased,father.",said a smiling Diana."Pleased to once again walk amongst the Gods of Olympus."
"And who is this,dear sister?",asked her twin brother,Apollo,god of light,after he had set eyes on George."
"He is George Kirby.",answered a smiling Diana,after she had turned to face George."He also wishes to walk amongst the Gods."
But before he was able to ask Diana what she was talking about,Hera,Zeus' consort,queen of the Gods and patroness of marriage had took one look at George,smiled and said,"Ah,yes.Indeed,a prize catch for a husband,my darling daughter."
"Yes,mother.",said a very pleased Diana."Indeed,he is."
But then,after Diana had turned her back towards him,George had realized that he was in way over his head and he had better get out of there.
And so,while the others weren't looking,George had tried to sneak himself out of Olympus,only to be stopped by hermes,herald of the Gods,who had looked at George and said,"Going so soon,brother?"
"Why,of course not,Hermes.",said Zeus,after he had ordered the doors to the outside world to be closed."For he is to be my daughter's betrolthed."
Suddenly,with a wave of her hand,Hera had made George and Diana's clothes disappear and dressed them in clothing that was suitable to the Gods.
And then,just as he was about to object to the whole thing,Aphrodite,goddess of love had sensed George' reluctance and blew a magical kiss towards him.
After he had recieved the kiss,George had suddenly found himself falling in love with Diana.
He had walked over to her,wrapped his arms around her and kissed her ever so passionately on the lips.
And that has pleased Zeus so much,that he had raised his arms and said,"Welcome home,my daughter--and my son.",before allowing an orb of light to engulf the room.
course,our story doesn't end there,for a year later,George's brother,Gene Kirby had traveled to Italy and to Mount Olympus,in order to find his log-lost brother.
He had looked the room that was filled with statues of Olympian Gods and so far,he had found no sign of George.
But then,one of those statues had suddenly caught his eye.
It was a statue of Artemis,goddess of the hunt and a man who looked like George in a lover's embrace.
It had intriged him so much,that he had decided to take it back to New York with him and try to solve the mystery there.
After he had arrived in the Big Apple,Gene had taken the statue to the sci-med division of Kirby Enterprises,where a lab has been prepared to recieve both Gene and the statue.
As soon as the statue was placed inside the lab,Gene had gone into his office to look up something on the Olympian Gods.
A few hours later,while he was still looking through his library of the unexplained,a sudden explosion had caught Gene's attention.
After he had ran out of his office and towards the lab,Gene was shocked to discover an angry Zeus and Poseidon,the sea god standing in front of him.
"YOU DARE STEAL FROM THE GODS OF OLYMPUS!",roared Zeus,after he had pointed at Gene."NOW YOU SHALL BE PUNISHED!"
And by the order of Zeus,Poseidon had raised his trident,causing a large wave to come to shore and slam itself right down on a shocked Gene.
A couple of days later,the statue of Artemis and her betrolthed,George Kirby is back on Mount Olympus,where it belongs.
As for George's brother,Gene,his body was discovered by the NYPD.
He drowned.