By:Andrew Troy Keller

When I was about 5-years-old,I was not interrested in the opposite sex.
That was then.
This is now--the year 2991,A.D.!
I was aboard one of the United Earth starcruisers,enroute to one of our colonies,in order to provide medical aide to those who were sick and/or about to be dead
from some mysterious disease.
As soon as we've landed,and while we were handing our goodwill packages to the leader,a young female voulunter,known as Krystel,had walked over to help us.
After we had unloaded the last of the goodies,Krystel and I had looked into each other's eyes,and had fallen deeply in love with each other.
Krystel and I had shared many pleasures together--both visual and sexual.
But then,one terrible day,a band of resistance fighters had decided that the United Earth colony was no longer welcome,and began blasting away at everything within the colony.
We were able to get every survivor off the planet--except for one.
For some reason,my poor,beloved Krystel was left behind on the planet,and instead of sparing her life,the fighters had destroyed it via an gamma-energy charge.
Every since that painfull day,each and every time I think about my beloved Krystel,I've had no choice,but to cry--as in,to cry a broken man.