The Fearless Man

There is nothing honorable
about a fearless man—
for in saying so, already has he
There is nothing brave
about a fearless man—
for bravery is facing up to
There is nothing noble
about the fearless man—
for it is not to have foolishly
There is nothing strong
about the fearless man—
for the weak man never sheds a
But it is the strong who shed them freely.
It is the noble who die for a cause.
It is the brave who accept their fear.
And it is the honorable man who admits
That the fearless man does not

Author's Notes: This was a retro Philosophical Moment™ of mine revolving around—youuu guessed it—the fearless man! Actually it was sparked by "The Ballad of the Green Berets" (a song I really don't like very much, but listen to now and then) which has a line that says "fearless men who jump and die". That line kept going through my head and upon pondering it (hehe) this poem was born. Ta-da! Ain't that somethin'. I'm actually pretty proud of this one myself. Review and let me know what you thought of the poem, and if you agree or disagree with the point I'm making here. ^_^ I'm interested! Thanks a bunch for stopping by to read, and if there are any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Ja ne! ~MJ
Date of Composition: February 25, 2003 10:00-10:15 p.m.