Authors note: - I thought I might as well help fill the new Essay category so I dusted off this old piece. I wrote it several years ago and it still holds true.

I Quit

            I quit. I give up. I'm throwing in the towel. I renounce my title as a human being. I'm tearing up my contract I'm calling it off. From this point on I am not a part of the human race. I abandon human concepts such as war, hate, prejudice, religion, vapid commercially made boy bands and near naked 'teen queens' who command armies of screaming girls. No longer will I be associated with such deplorable things. I refuse to be part of pointless politics that do nothing but further the lives and wealth of corrupt, arrogant fools who some how see them selves as 'the voices of the people'.

            I have had enough. Enough of diets, vanity, greed and disdainful people who see themselves as always right, I don't care about peoples skin colors. I don't care about people's religions. I don't care about weight or gender. I don't care who people are having sex with or how many they are doing it with. I don't care because the only reason it matters is because someone made it matter and the human race followed. Like sheep. I am no sheep, lamb, cow, or dog. I bow before no man or woman. I refuse to see anyone as my better or lesser. I have no right. Just as they have no right.

            I will conduct my life as I see fit. Not how some 'moral' majority wishes me to. Any path I follow is right, because it's right for me at the time. I will respect all living things, because all are worthy of it. I will not fall into the modern thinking nor will I fall back to the old way of thinking. I will think for myself and no one else. I will always be myself. I will never hesitate to do what is right. I will not flinch from the path I'm on. I look ahead and see nothing. I look behind and see nothing. But in the here and now, I see everything. Possibilities unbound. Free from humanity and all it implies.

I am Michelle, and I'm a recovering human.