The name which resounds in my head...
Is the name of the one who I may call my own,
My bringer of love preventing me from loneliness
and nights where tears would turn to black,
Mascara falls and bloodshot eyes from emptiness,
Desperate whispers within my sleep
calling for him once more, to cure me with a kiss,
Those touches, after his departure, I do so miss,
A great longing within my heart;
A wrenching pain, clutching and crushing me deeply,
The name which I repeat with cherried lips...
Is the name of the one my heart has chosen,
In a frame oblivious to reality I became frozen, as
I tried madly to speak, and only a sigh came forth,
His smile, radiance from the kindness inside his soul,
A precious spirit I have embraced and will not let go.
I am far too fortunate for my deserving
to be blessed with such a giver of warm affection;
Gifted with unparallelled passion and burning desire,
Eyes glowing an inner beauty only the Gods could possess,
A perfected temperament with pure selflessness,
I could not bear to be with anyone other than him,
The only one that I can say I love in truthful words;
For he is the only one I may call my own:
His love is the only love which I'm able to call 'mine'.