"Primal Carnage"

For what do I shed a tear when emotions run high?
Who do I owe when anger is a bitter taste within my mouth?
Does one feel the stinging of a viscious curse to an innocent heart?
I should be so lucky to encounter a true human being,
As people I know are born without backbones and
bred to behave as ravenous wolves and feast upon rotting cadavres!
Envy is too often the sour sneer spat at me from afar,
And may I ask what for?
Hackles upon the backs of many an enemy...
And snarls from the paranoid: they growl at my perception,
I would not lunge at another to uphold a cruel reputation:
I was not born a murderer.
Sharpened canines stained with blood of the lesser;
Torn at the throat by the beast you have now become!
What right was given to you to devour another one's confidence?
Was it handed upon a diamond encrusted silver platter?
Or was it the selfishness bubbling within your ego?
Claws too blunt to tear the barks of trees,
Yet teeth deadly enough to create words howled out to break spirits,
And leave unslightly scars within the minds of the terrified.
The wickedness of your kind cannot be ignored,
Your actions wreak of sickness and disturbance,
Derranged by the violent natures of your descendents:
The ones who taught you to be unethically ruthless and spineless...
Now you survive from feeding off of controversy and superiority,
Seeking antidotes for many of the contracted diseases you carry,
But no, you are permanently tainted.
Why do I question your insensitivity as you cannot change?
It's hard to interpret the mentalities of the abnormal, like you.
And there is no cure to your madness, only for one exception:
The never ending sleep to the unforgiving.